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    Pool Service Contract
    A pool service contract is an agreement signed by a swimming pool technician, a pool cleaner, or a pool service company and a client. Even if you’re providing or getting pool services pro bono, a pool service contract can help you specify the terms of the pool service timeframe, the scope of work, and any necessary payment details. Ensure updated statuses on the technicians’ pool job and the client’s liability at any time. Edit this legal form according to your needs and download, and save the template for future use.
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    Template Description

    Every year, it happens. It's summer time, and everyone enjoys relaxing by the pool with family and friends. However, it rains, the winds blow, and the bugs come out at night to chase the pool lights. When you wake up in the morning, pools are often strewn with bugs and debris, and who wants to clean them when all they want to do is swim? That's where your business comes in. 

    Home and business owners are looking for someone to take on the responsibilities of filling, servicing, and repairing their pools. To expedite the process of having your new and existing clients sign pool service contracts, consider using our pool cleaning service contract template. 

    What Is a Pool Service Contract? 

    A pool maintenance contract is an agreement that is signed by a swimming pool technician—commonly known as a pool cleaner—or a pool service company and the client. The agreement details the terms of service, such as when the service will be provided and what services are included. The contract will also include necessary details agreed upon by the client and the service provider regarding payment for the work done and a schedule for payment. 

    When to Use Pool Service Contract Template 

    It is important to use a pool service contract to avoid ambiguities in the agreement between the parties. Sometimes, pool cleaning can be done as a favor and won’t require any compensation. However, a professional maintenance provider will benefit from using a contract template for pool services. The following are some times when you should consider using a pool contract: 

    • When the service will be provided in exchange for some form of payment—typically monetary. 
    • When the service will be provided on a routine basis (e.g., whether the provider will have weekly or monthly access to the pool). 
    • When the service is to be provided over a long period of time, such as for a deep cleaning that will require a few weeks. 
    • When it is necessary to put into writing the responsibilities of the service provider and the property owner. 

    Using a pool contract in most circumstances is advisable. You should check legal example for pool maintenance agreement to make everything right. However, there are a few instances when a service provider should not compromise on having a contract in place. 

    Who Should Use a Pool Service Contract Template? 

    If you fit into one of the following categories, you should consider having an agreement in place for pool service: 

    • Pool service companies 
    • Pool technicians 
    • Clients 

    Whether you’re the client or the service provider, you should definitely consider having a contract signed. The document will enable a clear understanding of how the service will be provided and when payment will occur. Pool service providers should ask clients to sign a contract before work begins. Clients should find out whether a pool service provider has a contract that they work with or if they were willing to sign one. 

    What Is Included in a Swimming Pool Service Contract? 

    What is included in a swimming pool service contract will depend largely on what the terms of service are, but the following are the main components that every agreement for pool service should include:

    • The client’s contact information; 
    • Where the pool is located; 
    • How long the service will last; 
    • How much does the service provider charge for the service; and
    • What tasks the service provider will be responsible for. 

    Please consider that this is a non-exhaustive list that includes only a few main points that a pool service agreement should have.

    How To Write a Pool Service Agreement 

    The following steps will help you to create the right pool service agreement:

    Coordinate with the counterpart 

    Not all of your customers will be the same or require the same services for their pools. Therefore, you should communicate clearly with the client and come to an agreement about what services they want before you initiate drafting the contract. 

    Negotiate essential terms of the contract 

    The parties must agree to the most important terms of the contract. You can use the free template provided here to get an idea of what to propose to your client and on what items you should have a mutual understanding, including what exactly the service will be, when it will be provided, and how much it will be paid as remuneration for the service. You can also negotiate other terms, such as if an impromptu cleaning will require an extra charge. 

    Download the contract template

    After agreeing on essential contract terms with your client, the next step, if you have not already done so, is to download the printable contract template and personalize your contract.

    Fill in the necessary information 

    You can edit the pool service contract template to suit the terms that you have agreed on with your client. Make sure to edit the most important parts of the contract, including the costs and client information.

    What Steps Should I Take After Making a Pool Service Contract? 

    After you have created your pool service contract, take the following next steps if applicable:

    1. Show the contract to a legal professional to make sure it falls within the scope of state laws. (Optional) 
    2. Print the contract. 
    3. Send a digital copy (and a hard copy if necessary) to your client. 
    4. If the client has any objections, correct, remove, or add as necessary. 
    5. Wait for the client to sign and return the contract. 
    6. Sign the contract and provide a copy to your client.

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    Compose your perfect legal template in a moment

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if my service provider says they don’t have a contract?

    You can edit this pool service contract template by Lawrina to create a legal document that includes the terms you have agreed to with the service provider. You can send the paper to the contractor to sign if they agree.

    Do I need a pool cleaning contract template for a one-time cleaning?

    It is always advisable to sign a contract for these services. A pool service contract will make it easier for you to get paid for your service or pay for a good job. Include answers to the following questions:

    - What will the one-time cleaning entail? 
    - Is it surface cleaning or a deep cleaning that will require completely draining and filling the pool? 

    Having a contract in place will make these points clear. You can easily download the template to get started. If you are a pool service provider or a client who has just recently hired one, you may want to enter into a pool service contract if you have not already done so. Signing a contract will simplify and clarify your working relationship.