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    A letter of recommendation provides feedback on an individual's performance, work ethic, leadership, and/or character. It is often referred to as a letter of reference. It is usually accompanied by a job or academic application but is also suitable for personal situations, such as a rental agreement or standard scholarship application. The purpose of a letter of recommendation is to highlight someone's accomplishments and demonstrate their competency.
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    Template Description

    A letter of recommendation provides feedback on an individual's performance, work ethic, leadership, and/or character. It is often referred to as a letter of reference.


    What is a Letter of Recommendation?

    A generic Letter of Recommendation is a written evaluation of someone's character. It is usually accompanied by a job or academic application but is also suitable for personal situations, such as a rental agreement or standard scholarship application. The purpose of a form for letter of recommendation is to highlight someone's accomplishments and demonstrate their competency. Using a general letter of recommendation template can make things easier.


    Types of Letters of Recommendation

    Letters of recommendation may be written in preparation for the following:

    • Character reference
    • College
    • Fraternity 
    • Grad school
    • Internship
    • Job/Employment
    • Legal sale of a vehicle
    • MBA
    • Medical School
    • Military
    • Personal
    • Physician Assistant
    • Nursing
    • Real estate purchase
    • Scholarship
    • Sorority
    • Student
    • Teacher
    • Tenant contract


    Importance of Letter of Recommendation

    Having a letter of recommendation is important to show the organization you are applying to has a solid idea of who you are as a person. For example, if you are a graduate looking for admission to an international school to continue your studies, you may have to provide an academic letter from your college faculty and a professional letter from your previous employer. 

    Letters of recommendation are important for five reasons. 

    Enhance your application's quality and value

    If you are applying for college admission or a full-time job, a letter of recommendation will help you stand out.


    A unique insight into your personality

    A document like this will describe someone else's experience and opinions about working with you. A highly personalized LOR can help you make the most of such a unique situation and make a lasting impression on the recipient. 


    Makes you stand out from the competition

    Always remember that the institute is only interested in the best candidates. To break a tie between two candidates, the quality of their letters of recommendation plays a crucial role.


    Identify strengths, justify weaknesses

    A recommendation letter can explain your weaknesses and highlight your strengths thoroughly. Most colleges and prospective employers ask about your weaknesses, so it's a legitimate question. To help the admissions committee weigh your strengths against your weaknesses, request the person recommending you answer this question with wit and presence.


    Make your case

    A good recommendation letter should reflect your objectives if you are applying for a job or studying a particular subject. For example, include the job title and description if the letter is for a job. Give the individual writing your letter as much information as possible.


    What Should be Included?

    An excellent printable letter of recommendation will include information related to the applicant's application and attest to the applicant's exceptional qualities.

    When writing a recommendation letter for someone's job application, you might highlight their project management skills if you worked on a project with them. You may want to highlight their ability to conduct useful and informative research when writing an academic simple letter of recommendation template.

    Candidate references should remain relevant to the purpose they are being used (such as a rental application or court testimony).

    A template for letter of recommendation should include the following:

    • Recommendation letter date
    • Recommendation letter recipient's name
    • Business relationship
    • Characteristics attributed to a successful individual (potential, character, reliability, consistency, etc.)
    • Information about the person who wrote the recommendation letter


    How to Write a Letter of Recommendation Template?

    There are three parts to create a recommendation letter: the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Some recommendation letters follow imprecise formatting, but most follow a specific format and should be written professionally.

    The length of a recommendation letter is less crucial than its content. It is important that the letter articulates the candidate's qualifications and attributes to serve as a convincing argument in his or her favor.



    As part of the introduction paragraph, the candidate and the writer should be introduced, along with the length of their relationship. Also included should be the position for which the candidate is applying (if applicable) and the writer's reasoning for recommending him or her.

    Letters can be addressed specifically to the person who will receive them. They should start by saying "Dear [name]" or "Dear [admissions committee/board of admissions]." 

    Generally, it's best to start a letter with "To whom it may concern" if you don't know who will read it. While it's not always necessary, adding the date at the top will help keep the letter valid. The legitimacy of a letter dated 2016 diminishes dramatically if a candidate applies for a job in 2022.


    Body of the Letter

    An applicant's skills, qualifications, and accomplishments will be explained in detail in the recommendation letter's body paragraph(s). To assure the reader that the letter is from a credible source, the writer should provide sufficient examples to support these claims. 

    Depending on the type of letter, the number of paragraphs and length of each will differ, but the main objective is to present a convincing argument to support the candidate.

    In general, recommendation letters are used for specific purposes, and it is up to the writer to determine what that purpose is. A recommender can then emphasize the applicant's abilities and skills relevant to the particular academic field or career path.



    Lastly, the conclusion paragraph should summarize the writer's thoughts on the applicant's qualifications and reiterate their support for the applicant. Unless otherwise specified, the writer should provide the reader with a way to contact them should more information be required. 

    Include the writer's contact information in the conclusion paragraph, on the letterhead, or after the author has signed off. Although some recommendation letters require more precise formatting, it's common to include the writer's name, signature, and contact information at the bottom of the letter.


    How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation: Tips & Tricks


    Take the hassle out of it

    Download a recommendation letter template that guides you when preparing a Letter of Recommendation. You should give your letter some thought before you ask someone to do so. Most people are busy with their own lives, and sitting down for a couple of hours writing down all the great qualities of a person can be a hassle, regardless of how highly you regard them. 

    Write a Letter of Recommendation with all the best qualities you believe you possess before you ask for and deliver your request. As a result, the individual will be able to sign and amend the letter easily and most likely will include more compliments and nice words about you.


    Take a respectful approach

    When discussing the possibility of writing a letter of recommendation, make sure the appropriate party is available. It is best to send your request via email and let them know when you need the letter.


    Having patience is key

    Give your selected choice at least 1-2 weeks after you give them a request for a Letter of Recommendation. If you are insistent or pestering, the letter may be faster, but it may also be less inspiring. Nobody wants to do a favor for someone who behaves disrespectfully. 

    Receive and Review

    Make sure you proofread the completed Letter of Recommendation before sending it off as is.



    Be sure to offer sincere thanks and appreciation to the person who took the time to write it.

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