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Business and contracts Templates

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Creative Business Pack by Lawrina is a set of 15 legal templates, perfect for photographers, models, influencers, and brand owners to legally safeguard the authenticity and originality of creative...

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Vendor Agreement

A vendor agreement is a legal document that helps parties exchange or sell goods and services through third parties or vendors. This legal document enables you to minimize business risks…

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Photography Contract

A photography contract is a legally binding document between the photographer and a client that stipulates the scope of work...

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Photo Release Form

A photography release form is a legal document between a photographer (Releasee) and a model (Releasor) that outlines the model’s permission to use the photographs of him or her in a publication in…

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Independent Contractor Agreement

The US independent contractor agreement is a legally binding agreement between an independent contractor and another company or individual. Independent contractors are also...

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Talent Release Form

A talent release form, known as an actors contract template, is a legally binding agreement between a video or photography content creator and a talented person. The contract enables a producer to...

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HVAC Contract

An HVAC contract is a document that legally binds an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) company and a client, whether an individual or a business organization. Ensure proper…

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Trucking Contract

A truck driver contract template helps define the scope of their business relationship and payment terms. This agreement will make all signers aware of the trucking services' expectations.

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Invention Assignment Agreement

An invention assignment agreement is a legal contract usually signed before working for a company. This legal form states that anything you create or conceptualize during your employment...

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Pool Service Contract

A pool service contract is an agreement signed by a swimming pool technician, a pool cleaner, or a pool service company, and a client. Even if you’re providing or getting pool services pro…

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