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Business operations Templates

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Creative Business Pack by Lawrina is a set of 15 legal templates, perfect for photographers, models, influencers, and brand owners to legally safeguard the authenticity and originality of creative...

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Independent Contractor Agreement

An independent contractor agreement is a legally binding agreement between an independent contractor and another company or individual.

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Liquidation Agreement

A liquidation agreement – also known as a partnership termination agreement – is a contract negotiated as part of a settlement between two or more business partners, usually when dissolving...

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Contract Extension Agreement

A contract extension agreement is a legal document where the parties decide to extend the original contract's end date. These are given out when the original parties are pleased with the contract's...

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ACH Authorization Form

An ACH authorization template is an agreement that outlines bank-to-bank payment terms between a payor and payee using the ACH network.

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Business Pack$99.00

Business Pack by Lawrina is an essential legal template collection for handling your daily business needs. Whether you want to protect your intellectual property rights, set confidentiality terms...

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Fee Agreement

A fee agreement is a document signed between a client requesting the services and a service professional that sets out the terms under which a service provider will do the work.

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