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The staffing agency agreement is a legally binding contract between an agency and company or individual looking for fast temporary talent hiring. It is more a simple B2B contract and is a great alternative to standard HR recruitment solutions. You may need this paper to hire a sales representative for a conference to generate more product purchases. Fill out the essential details on Lawrina, download the agreement in a few clicks, and sign your ready-to-go document to ensure that your business relationships are legally established.

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Template Description

Assume you have a new webinar upcoming and lack a person who will be responsible for the technical side. You are not sure it’s a permanent role but need indeed a dedicated webinar expert who will ensure your webinar goes smoothly. This is when contacting a staffing agency helps to get extra help around the office.

But wait, before you start either temporary or permanent cooperation, make sure you have a throughout signed agreement contract. By signing a staffing services agreement, all signers are much more likely to share the same set of expectations and have satisfying cooperation. 

What Is a Staffing Agency Contract?

A staffing agency contract is a document signed between a staffing agency and a customer to agree upon providing staffing services. Some advantages of using this contract include fast talent hiring, cost savings, and mitigating risks.

💡 Note that when you use contract staffing, you don’t usually hire those individuals as employees. Instead, you enter into a B2B agreement with a staffing agency.

When Is a Staffing Agency Agreement Essential?

A staffing agency agreement is a great alternative to other HR recruitment solutions. The use of staffing agency application forms has increased steadily over the past decades. Whatever the reason you need a staffing agency's help, an employment agency contract is required rather than recommended, especially if:

  • You want to fill job request quickly;
  • You want to ensure that your business relationships are legally established;
  • You are not sure whether a temporary or contract employee is a long-term fit. 

What Should Be Included?

The golden rule is that the more detailed your contract sample is, the lower chance of future misunderstandings is. For example, by mentioning what you mean by “providing technical support,” you can ensure you get what you want. Consider including the following elements into your staffing agency contract to ensure roles and responsibilities are understood by all:

Contact information 

The contract should have the full contact name and address of both parties. Instead of an employee's contact information, the staffing agency's name is included.

Services provided

Make sure you include the full list of services provided. This is a very important step, and being as specific as possible can prevent potential conflicts. Even not important details can sometimes become truly determining.

Time framework

Include the start and end dates for the contract. In case you are looking for a more permanent project-based role, make sure the contract explicitly states that the contract is ongoing.

💡 Staffing contracts usually apply to a relationship of a fixed time period or a specific project. Then, the contract terminates. It does not refer to permanent job arrangements in contrast to other forms of employment. Don’t mix it with independent contractors' employment or freelance workers.

Rate details

Include details on how the staffing agency wants to be paid — flat rate or percentage? Also include information about a breakdown of any fees or costs.

💡 Most staffing agencies already have a predetermined pricing model, and they decide if it’s fixed-fee, project-based, performance-based, etc.

Invoicing schedule

Specify in the staffing agency agreement template how exactly you want to be billed — weekly, monthly, or maybe one big invoice at the end. Make sure both parties are okay with a chosen payment arrangement.

Indemnification and limitation of liability

What is the responsibility of each party? That’s what indemnification and liability clauses answer. Liability terms include Intellectual Property, decisions made by the client without prior authorization, and anything related to the candidates.

How To Write a Staffing Agency Contract?

Follow the next steps to create a legally-binding staffing agency contract: 

Negotiate terms with another party

You should always start by negotiating every detail with a staffing agency, starting from your expectations and up to the duration of a contract. Make sure you ask all the questions you have to make sure both parties are on the same page.

Fill out all the essential details

Once all the details have been negotiated, start by filling out the details in the staffing agency contract template PDF. In many cases, a staffing agency takes this job. However, you always need to carefully proofread the essential details on every page as well before signing the contract. 

Print out your contract & sign

After you fill out the essential details in the blank printable staffing contract template, go on with printing and signing the contract.


So, before you start working with temporary or project-based staff provided by the agency, a staffing agency agreement becomes invaluable. Make sure that you are on the same page with a staffing agency to ensure that a temporarily hired person is what we call “a perfect fit.” 


When you use this staffing agency contract template PDF, you assume all responsibility and liability. Lawrina retains no legal responsibility for the legal document's accuracy, reliability, or functionality.

The unprofessional use of this legal form or other templates on this website could result in direct or indirect losses or damages. By downloading, printing, or using this agreement, you accept all liability for any loss or damage you may suffer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do staff hired through a contract staffing agency receive employee benefits?

Sometimes they might receive them. If the staffing agency hires professionals as employees, then staff are entitled to the same employee benefits. It is usually also mentioned in the staffing agreement template.

What to do next after creating my staffing agency contract?

After you’ve created your contract, consider whether you need legal help. Lawyers with backgrounds working on staffing agreements work can help you double-check whether everything is to the point. It is especially useful to ask for professional advice if the project and rate are costly.

What happens if an employer does not notify the staffing agency at the end of a contract?

A staffing agency has all the right to sue an employer using legal documents if the contract has ended before the mentioned date without notice. Once a contract has been signed, an employer is committed to following all the responsibilities mentioned in the clauses as is specified. Make sure to double-check a temp agency contract template before signing anything.