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    A trailer bill of sale is a legal document that records the sale and purchase of a pull-behind vehicle and includes all transaction details. Like any other vehicle, a buyer should register the trailer at the state department of motor vehicles (DMV), where he or she resides. A trailer purchase agreement is a crucial document that proves the legality of the sale deal and helps the parties transfer ownership rights without stress. Edit this legal form by Lawrina seamlessly and download it in PDF for your needs.
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    Template Description

    What Is a Bill of Sale for a Trailer?

    A trailer bill of sale is a legal document that records the sale and purchase of a pull-behind vehicle and includes all transaction details. Like any other vehicle, a buyer should register the trailer at the state department of motor vehicles (DMV), where he or she resides.

    For state authorities, a trailer purchase agreement is a crucial document that proves the legality of the sale deal and helps the parties transfer ownership rights without stress. Some states may require notarized trailer bill of sale templates.

    Trailer bill of sale forms belong to the standard bill of sale templates for vehicles. They should describe the trailer (its vehicle identification number, model, size, color, year of production, etc.), specify all related fees, and mention the sale date. 


    Why Do You Need a Bill of Sale for a Trailer?

    A legal bill of sale document for trailers is essential for businesses. But private purchasers and sellers will also need it to transfer the ownership rights without legal complications.

    So, if you are selling your trailer, you should prepare a simple bill of sale template and accurately outline your vehicle's technical features. This information will help the buyer register the vehicle under his or her name correctly. Also, don’t forget to specify the price for your trailer and deposit if it applies. 

    There is always an option to sell trailers in their current condition, whether new or used. It is available for “as is” bill of sale templates, and you should notify buyers of your intention to sell the trailer as it is. Once you prepare a complete trailer bill of sale template on your end, you will manage to defend your liability in this deal if any disputes arise.

    Buyers should take care of their copy of a bill of sale form for trailers. Before buying the vehicle, clients must check all information details on the item and align it with what they see at the meeting with the seller. The trailer price also matters because you should pay your state tax extracted from the sale. Remember about the date of purchase to pay the sales tax in time and register the new ownership at your state DMV institution. 

    Finally, regularly renew your ownership at your state DMV office. After the first in-person vehicle registration, you can update your title online. 


    What Should It Include?

    General bill of sale utility trailer templates should include the following information:

    • The trailer description: the Vehicle Identification Number (a VIN code), type, model, year, size, weight, body style, material, and condition;
    • The sale price;
    • The purchase and sale date;
    • The parties’ contact information: full names, phone numbers, and business or personal addresses.

    This data is sufficient to create a standard trailer bill of sale template that sellers can use later if necessary.


    How To Write a Bill of Sale for a Trailer: Step-by-Step

    Below is a detailed description of creating a blank trailer bill of sale contract acceptable across the U.S.


    Meeting & discussion

    The parties' meeting is the first thing to do before a trailer purchase and sale. Buyers should see what they will buy, and sellers agree to show them the trailer and answer related questions. If the vehicle has visible defects, sellers should inform buyers about them and clarify if they decide on an “as is” bill of sale form for a trailer.

    The points to discuss between the parties can duplicate the information for the future printable bill of sale form for trailer. As mentioned before, the main details are the vehicle description, price, sale date, and the parties’ contact information and methods.


    Fill out the key data

    When everything has become clear, it’s time to fill out the trailer bill of sale template.

    Start from the trailer description that has the most essentials: type, the VIN code, model, size, weight, material, and state. Then, proceed to the price, dates, and the parties’ personal information. 


    Provide for review

    When you’re done making your trailer bill of sale form, you can share it with the other party and check the contents together. If the information is correct, you can print the agreement out and sign it.


    How To Sell a Trailer: Tips & Tricks

    Selling a trailer can be tricky, but here are some tips for a successful sale.


    Defining your trailer type

    Trailers may vary in size, purpose, and tech features. First, ensure you know your trailer type and can mention it correctly in your trailer bill of sale. 

    Here’s a list of common trailers that you can buy or sell (consider this list non-exhaustible): 

    • Hauling trailers for delivering water motor vehicles or livestock;
    • Refrigerated trailers;
    • Dry van (enclosed) trailers;
    • Open trailers;
    • Single or multi-vehicle trailers, etc.

    Based on the trailer type and its size, you can browse through marketplaces and analyze prices to set up yours.


    Price & market research

    Many online sources enable you to post your trailer for sale quickly and easily. See this list below and choose any marketplace:

    • BuyMyTrailer
    • TrailerTrader
    • eBay

    You can also see many post examples with suggested prices on these sources and build up your own. Consider your trailer’s state, weight, and size while setting up your fees.

    In smaller towns, your search can be even narrower. Join local social media communities to stay up-to-date on trailer advertisements or apply for posting in local printed media.


    Communication with buyers

    Once you receive potential clients, always keep in touch with them. Answer all their questions about your trailer, provide them with recent photos, and agree to introduce your vehicle to them. Do all that with peace of mind; otherwise, your “marketing-heavy” intentions to sell your vehicle will seem suspicious and push buyers away.  

    Below are useful tips for efficient contacts with buyers:

    1. Stay true about your vehicle. If it’s not new, share this information with a buyer. If there are some non-repairable parts, mention it to the buyer. Tell the buyer about your plans beforehand if you need to sell a trailer as it is.
    2. Share the transport documents with buyers if they ask. It will prove you a reliable seller with pure legal intentions to sell the vehicle.
    3. Don’t choose a too low or too high price. Based on your market research, adapt your worth to the trailer features and make it affordable. But always leave room for negotiation.
    4. Try as many marketplaces and contacts as possible. Don’t rely on one specific platform. Ask as many people as you know if they or their friends are looking for a trailer. Word of mouth still works. 

    The final advice would be to ask potential clients questions as well. Why do they need a trailer? Can they bring cash to complete the purchase? Are they ready to obtain ownership if they decide to buy the trailer? And so on.


    Write a bill of sale for the trailer

    When both parties have agreed to proceed with the trailer purchase and sale, they should prepare a specific trailer bill of sale. The key elements of this legal document are the vehicle description, the vehicle price, the sale date, and the parties’ contact details.  

    Once both parties have approved the document content and signed the contract, the buyer should register the new title at his or her state DMV office up to 30 days after the purchase date. This obligation applies to most states across the U.S.

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