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    A vendor agreement is a legal document that helps parties exchange or sell goods and services through third parties or vendors. This legal document enables you to minimize business risks during the sale by a vendor and protect the brand’s reputation. Having a signed vendor agreement at hand, you can always be sure of a company promotion on third-party platforms in clear conditions. Tailor a vendor agreement created by Lawrina legal experts to your needs and download it in PDF for necessary submission and future use.
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    Template Description

    A vendor contract is a legal document that helps parties exchange or sell goods and services through a third party or vendor. When companies run big events where various sellers come together to offer their products or services to the market, such as food, antique items, pop up shop items, craft shows, it’s always best to establish the vendor agreement, even if it’s just a one-time retail event.

    The vendor agreement template must contain specific terms and conditions that include the price to be paid, non disclosure information, the document’s duration and/or frequency, standard termination clause, and other essential details, depending on the unique circumstances. Such terms and conditions must be written clearly and agreed upon by both parties. 

    The vendor contract agreement ensures that both parties can enforce their rights and fulfill their obligations under the contract and confidentiality. The document also sets parameters by which the parties will meet their respective obligations and remedies in case of a breach. 

    This agreement is a must-have if you, for instance, want to become a UCLA vendor or start a drop shipping business. 

    Benefits of a Vendor Agreement

    If you organize events or fairs on a regular or exclusivity basis, wherein you bring different sellers together and permit them to sell their products and services for profit, a vendor agreement form sample will help you in a few different ways, including the following: 

    It helps minimize risks

    By setting the terms of the agreement in a valid, enforceable contract, both parties can mitigate the potential adverse effects of unexpected circumstances, whether caused by the parties themselves or by third parties.

    It sets liquidated damages in case of a breach

    Without a right-format vendor contract, all the negotiated damages are non complete. Contract breaches can be more challenging to litigate when the court is forced to determine the number of damages to be awarded to the aggrieved party as is required. However, this is not necessary if the amount of liquidated damages is clearly specified in advance in the Vendor Agreement.

    It protects your brand and reputation

    By setting clear terms on what vendors can or cannot do, you can set standards for how vendors sell their products and services through your brand. It doesn’t matter whether it is a wedding service or any other services package. You can also set quality standards and determine the preferred roles and responsibilities of both parties.

    Types & Elements of a Vendor Agreement

    This legal document has the following four types: 

    - Event vendor agreement.

    - A vendor non-disclosure agreement. 

    - Food vendor agreement; and

    - A vendor non-solicitation agreement.

    A vendor agreement form template usually contains the following three main elements:

    1. Basic business terms—Include in the blank the business names of the vendor and client; 
    2. Legal concepts—Specify the scope of services, their delivery date(s), invoice details, duration of the contract, termination information, rental of land, etc.;
    3. Consequences in the event of a breach—Describe the implications and who bears the risk of losses in case of contract termination.

    Your vendor agreement contract template enters into legal force when both parties have negotiated the terms and are prepared for force majeure circumstances. Taking notes of the lessons you have learned from previous negotiations, you can reuse the vendor agreement sample for future cooperation with vendors or brands.

    There’re many examples of a simple vendor agreement for different occasions. Also, you can download a printable version of the vendor contract pdf. Just fill out the blank form with all the essential information and get your ready-to-go document. Having a legally binding sample contract can significantly streamline the process.

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    Compose your perfect legal template in a moment

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you write a vendor agreement?

    Before composing a vendor agreement, you should negotiate the vendor services, their delivery time(s), payment details and forms, termination information, and possible consequences. Then form the complete data into clauses and carefully align the document with your state’s applicable laws. You can ask an experienced business lawyer for legal assistance or advice. Ensure that all terms are clear with no ambiguities, especially in the essential parts of the agreement.

    What is a vendor supplier agreement?

    In a vendor supplier agreement, a business enters into an agreement with a vendor who will regularly provide the company with specific services or products.

    Do you need a contract with a vendor?

    Yes, a contract with a vendor ensures transparency and serves as a safety net to protect the vendor’s and purchaser’s rights in relation to their transactions.