Title 16 U.S. Code - Conservation

Chapter 1 National Parks, Military Parks, Monuments, And Seashores Chapter 1A Historic Sites, Buildings, Objects, And Antiquities Chapter 1B Archaeological Resources Protection Chapter 1C Paleontological Resources Preservation Chapter 2 National Forests Chapter 3 Forests; Forest Service; Reforestation; Management Chapter 3B Soil Conservation Chapter 3C Water Conservation Chapter 4 Protection Of Timber, And Depredations Chapter 5 Protection Of Fur Seals And Other Fur-Bearing Animals Chapter 5A Protection And Conservation Of Wildlife Chapter 5B Wildlife Restoration Chapter 5C Conservation Programs On Government Lands Chapter 6 Game And Bird Preserves; Protection Chapter 7 Protection Of Migratory Game And Insectivorous Birds Chapter 8 Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife And Fish Refuge Chapter 9 Fish And Wildlife Service Chapter 9A Preservation Of Fishery Resources Chapter 9B National Fish Hatchery System Enhancement Chapter 10 Northern Pacific Halibut Fishing Chapter 10B Fish Restoration And Management Projects Chapter 10C Fish Research And Experimentation Program Chapter 11 Regulation Of Landing, Curing, And Sale Of Sponges Taken From Gulf Of Mexico And Straits Of Florida Chapter 12 Federal Regulation And Development Of Power Chapter 12A Tennessee Valley Authority Chapter 12B Bonneville Project Chapter 12C Fort Peck Project Chapter 12D Columbia Basin Project Chapter 12E Niagara Power Project Chapter 12F Pacific Northwest Consumer Power Preference; Reciprocal Priority In Other Regions Chapter 12G Pacific Northwest Federal Transmission System Chapter 12H Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning And Conservation Chapter 14 Regulation Of Whaling Chapter 14A Whale Conservation And Protection Chapter 15A Great Lakes Fisheries Chapter 15B Great Lakes Fish And Wildlife Restoration Chapter 15C Great Lakes Fish And Wildlife Tissue Bank Chapter 16 Tuna Conventions Chapter 16A Atlantic Tunas Convention Chapter 16C South Pacific Tuna Fishing Chapter 18 Watershed Protection And Flood Prevention Chapter 18A Cooperative Watershed Management Program Chapter 20 National Fisheries Center And Aquarium Chapter 22 International Parks Chapter 23 National Wilderness Preservation System Chapter 24 Conservation And Protection Of North Pacific Fur Seals Chapter 25 Jellyfish Or Sea Nettles, Other Such Pests, And Seaweed In Coastal Waters: Control Or Elimination Chapter 25A Crown Of Thorns Starfish Chapter 25B Reefs For Marine Life Conservation Chapter 26 Estuarine Areas Chapter 27 National Trails System Chapter 27A National Recreational Trails Fund Chapter 28 Wild And Scenic Rivers Chapter 29 Water Bank Program For Wetlands Preservation Chapter 30 Wild Horses And Burros: Protection, Management, And Control Chapter 31 Marine Mammal Protection Chapter 32 Marine Sanctuaries Chapter 32A Regional Marine Research Programs Chapter 33 Coastal Zone Management Chapter 35 Endangered Species Chapter 36 Forest And Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Chapter 37 Youth Conservation Corps And Public Lands Corps Chapter 38 Fishery Conservation And Management Chapter 40 Soil And Water Resources Conservation Chapter 41 Cooperative Forestry Assistance Chapter 42 Emergency Conservation Program Chapter 44 Antarctic Conservation Chapter 44A Antarctic Marine Living Resources Convention Chapter 44B Antarctic Mineral Resources Protection Chapter 46 Public Utility Regulatory Policies Chapter 47 Small Hydroelectric Power Projects Chapter 48 National Aquaculture Policy, Planning, And Development Chapter 49 Fish And Wildlife Conservation Chapter 51 Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Chapter 52 Salmon And Steelhead Conservation And Enhancement Chapter 53 Control Of Illegally Taken Fish And Wildlife Chapter 54 Resource Conservation Chapter 55 Coastal Barrier Resources Chapter 56 North Atlantic Salmon Fishing Chapter 56A Pacific Salmon Fishing Chapter 57 National Fish And Wildlife Foundation Chapter 57A Partnerships For Wildlife Chapter 57B Partners For Fish And Wildlife Chapter 58 Erodible Land And Wetland Conservation And Reserve Program Chapter 59 Wetlands Resources Chapter 59A Wetlands Chapter 60 Fish And Seafood Promotion Chapter 61 Interjurisdictional Fisheries Chapter 62 African Elephant Conservation Chapter 62A Asian Elephant Conservation Chapter 63 Federal Cave Resources Protection Chapter 64 North American Wetlands Conservation Chapter 65 International Forestry Cooperation Chapter 66 Take Pride In America Program Chapter 67 Aquatic Nuisance Prevention And Control Chapter 69 Wild Exotic Bird Conservation Chapter 70 North Pacific Anadromous Stocks Convention Chapter 71 Atlantic Coastal Fisheries Cooperative Management Chapter 71A Atlantic Striped Bass Conservation Chapter 72 Recreational Hunting Safety Chapter 73 Rhinoceros And Tiger Conservation Chapter 75 High Seas Fishing Compliance Chapter 76 Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Convention Chapter 77 Yukon River Salmon Chapter 80 Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Chapter 81 User Fees Under Forest System Recreation Residence Program Chapter 81A National Forest Organizational Camp Fee Improvement Chapter 82 Great Ape Conservation Chapter 83 Coral Reef Conservation Chapter 84 Healthy Forest Restoration Chapter 85 Marine Turtle Conservation Chapter 86 Southwest Forest Health And Wildfire Prevention Chapter 87 Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Chapter 88 Western And Central Pacific Fisheries Convention Chapter 89 Pacific Whiting Chapter 90 Secure Rural Schools And Community Self-Determination Chapter 91 National Landscape Conservation System Chapter 92 Forest Landscape Restoration Chapter 93 Agreement On Port State Measures To Prevent, Deter And Eliminate Illegal, Unreported And Unregulated Fishing Chapter 94 National Oceans And Coastal Security Chapter 95 Eliminate, Neutralize, And Disrupt Wildlife Trafficking Chapter 96 North Pacific Fisheries Convention Chapter 97 Convention On The Conservation And Management Of High Seas Fishery Resources In The South Pacific Chapter 98 Sportsmen's Access To Federal Land Chapter 99 Maritime Security And Fisheries Enforcement Chapter 100 Nutria Eradication And Control Chapter 101 National Fish Habitat Conservation Through Partnerships

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