43 U.S. Code Title 43 - Public Lands

Bureau Of Land Management
United States Geological Survey
District Land Offices
Land Districts
Withdrawal From Settlement, Location, Sale, Or Entry
Grazing Lands
Desert-land Entries
Discovery, Development, And Marking Of Water Holes, Etc., By Government
Board On Geographic Names
Reclamation And Irrigation Of Lands By Federal Government
Boulder Canyon Project
Colorado River Storage Project
Federal Lands Included In State Irrigation Districts
Grants Of Desert Lands To States For Reclamation
Appropriation Of Waters; Reservoir Sites
Sale And Disposal Of Public Lands
Reservation And Sale Of Town Sites On Public Lands
Survey Of Public Lands
Reservations And Grants To States For Public Purposes
Grants In Aid Of Railroads And Wagon Roads
Rights-of-way And Other Easements In Public Lands
Grants Of Swamp And Overflowed Lands
Unlawful Inclosures Or Occupancy; Obstructing Settlement Or Transit
Lands Held Under Color Of Title
Public Lands In Oklahoma
Submerged Lands
Administration Of Public Lands
Department Of The Interior
Colorado River Basin Project
Colorado River Basin Salinity Control
Colorado River Floodway
Alaska Native Claims Settlement
Implementation Of Alaska Native Claims Settlement And Alaska Statehood
Trans-alaska Pipeline
Federal Land Policy And Management
Outer Continental Shelf Resource Management
Public Rangelands Improvement
Crude Oil Transportation Systems
Abandoned Shipwrecks
Reclamation States Emergency Drought Relief
Federal Land Transaction Facilitation
Rural Water Supply
Suspended Entries And Claims; Patents
Oregon And California Railroad And Coos Bay Wagon Road Grant Lands
State Control Of Noxious Plants On Federal Lands
Geospatial Data
Reclamation Title Transfer
Renewable Energy Production On Federal Land
National Landslide Preparedness
Disposition Table
(Showing disposition of sections of former chapter 28 of Title 43)

Former Classification

New Classification or Disposition

43:1161 43:2501
43:1162 43:2502
43:1163 43:2503
43:1164 43:2504
43:1165 43:2505
43:1166 43:2506
43:1167 43:2507
43:1167 note (Mar. 9, 1904, ch. 503, §2, 33 Stat. 64) 43:2507 note
43:1181 Omitted
43:1181a 43:2601
43:1181a note (Aug. 28, 1937, ch. 876, title II, 50 Stat. 876) 43:2601 note
43:1181b 43:2602
43:1181d 43:2603
43:1181e 43:2604
43:1181f 43:2605
43:1181f–1 43:2621
43:1181f–1 note (May 24, 1939, ch. 144, §5, 53 Stat. 754) 43:2621 note
43:1181f–2 43:2622
43:1181f–3 43:2623
43:1181f–4 43:2624
43:1181g 43:2631
43:1181h 43:2632
43:1181i 43:2633
43:1181j 43:2634
43:1195 25:424
43:1196 25:425
43:1197 25:426
43:1198 Omitted
43:1199 Omitted
43:1200 Omitted
43:1200a Omitted
43:1200b Omitted
43:1200c Omitted
43:1200d Omitted
43:1200e Omitted
43:1201 43:1457c
43:1211 43:1476
43:1212 43:1476a
43:1212 note (June 3, 1948, ch. 392, §3, 62 Stat. 301) 43:1476a note
43:1221 Omitted
43:1222 Omitted
43:1223 Omitted
43:1241 43:2701
43:1242 43:2702
43:1243 43:2703

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