46 U.S. Code Section 51321 - Grants for scientific and educational research

(a) Defined Term.—In this section, the term "qualifying research grant" is a grant that—

(1) is awarded on a competitive basis by the Federal Government (except for the Department of Transportation), a State, a corporation, a fund, a foundation, an educational institution, or a similar entity that is organized and operated primarily for scientific or educational purposes; and

(2) is to be used to carry out a research project with a scientific or educational purpose.

(b) Acceptance of Qualifying Research Grants.—The United States Merchant Marine Academy may compete for and accept qualifying research grants if the work under the grant is to be carried out by a professor or instructor of the United States Merchant Marine Academy.

(c) Administration of Grant Funds.—

(1) Establishment of account.—The Maritime Administrator shall establish a separate account for administering funds received from research grants under this section.

(2) Use of grant funds.—The Superintendent shall use grant funds deposited into the account established pursuant to paragraph (1) in accordance with applicable regulations and the terms and conditions of the respective grants.

(d) Related Expenses.—Subject to such limitations as may be provided in appropriations Acts, appropriations available for the United States Merchant Marine Academy may be used to pay expenses incurred by the Academy in applying for, and otherwise pursuing, a qualifying research grant.

46 U.S.C. § 51321 (2021)

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