46 U.S. Code Section 80105 - Canadian vessels aiding vessels in United States waters

(a) In General.—Canadian vessels and wrecking equipment may give aid to Canadian or other vessels and property wrecked, disabled, or in distress in the waters of the United States contiguous to Canada, including—

(1) the canal and improvement of the waters between Lake Erie and Lake Huron; and

(2) the Saint Marys River and canal.

(b) Reciprocity.—This section does not apply after the President proclaims that privileges reciprocal to those under subsection (a) have been withdrawn or rendered inoperative by the Government of Canada.

46 U.S.C. § 80105 (2021)
Historical and Revision Notes
Historical and Revision Notes


Source (U.S. Code)Source (Statutes at Large)
80105 46 App.:725. June 19, 1878, ch. 324, 20 Stat. 175; May 24, 1890, ch. 292, 26 Stat. 120; Mar. 3, 1893, ch. 211, §1 (last par. under heading "Department of State"), 27 Stat. 683.

In subsection (a), before paragraph (1), the word "equipment" is substituted for "appurtenance" to use more commonly understood language. The words "and assistance" are omitted as unnecessary.

Subsection (b) is substituted for "this section shall cease to be in force and effect from and after the date of the proclamation of the President of the United States to the effect that said reciprocol privilege has been withdrawn, revoked, or rendered inoperative by the said Government of the Dominion of Canada" to eliminate unnecessary words.

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