47 U.S. Code Section 38 - "United States" defined

The term "United States" as used in sections 34 to 39 of this title includes the Canal Zone and all territory continental or insular, subject to the jurisdiction of the United States of America.

47 U.S.C. § 38 (2021)
Source Credit

(May 27, 1921, ch. 12, §5, 42 Stat. 8; Proc. No. 2695, eff. July 4, 1946, 11 F.R. 7517, 60 Stat. 1352.)

References in Text

For definition of Canal Zone, referred to in text, see section 3602(b) of Title 22, Foreign Relations and Intercourse.


Words "the Philippine Islands" deleted on authority of Proc. No. 2695 issued pursuant to section 1394 of Title 22, Foreign Relations and Intercourse, which recognized independence of Philippine Islands as of July 4, 1946. Proc. No. 2695 is set out under section 1394 of Title 22.

Section was not enacted as part of the Submarine Cable Act which comprises this chapter.

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