47 U.S. Code Part I - Common Carrier Regulation

Section 201 Service and charges Section 202 Discriminations and preferences Section 203 Schedules of charges Section 204 Hearings on new charges; suspension pending hearing; refunds; duration of hearing; appeal of order concluding hearing Section 205 Commission authorized to prescribe just and reasonable charges; penalties for violations Section 206 Carriers' liability for damages Section 207 Recovery of damages Section 208 Complaints to Commission; investigations; duration of investigation; appeal of order concluding investigation Section 209 Orders for payment of money Section 210 Franks and passes; free service to governmental agencies in connection with national defense Section 211 Contracts of carriers; filing with Commission Section 212 Interlocking directorates; officials dealing in securities Section 213 Valuation of property of carrier Section 214 Extension of lines or discontinuance of service; certificate of public convenience and necessity Section 215 Examination of transactions relating to furnishing of services, equipment, etc.; reports to Congress Section 216 Receivers and trustees; application of chapter Section 217 Agents' acts and omissions; liability of carrier Section 218 Management of business; inquiries by Commission Section 219 Reports by carriers; contents and requirements generally Section 220 Accounts, records, and memoranda Section 221 Consolidations and mergers of telephone companies Section 222 Privacy of customer information Section 223 Obscene or harassing telephone calls in the District of Columbia or in interstate or foreign communications Section 224 Pole attachments Section 225 Telecommunications services for hearing-impaired and speech-impaired individuals Section 226 Telephone operator services Section 227 Restrictions on use of telephone equipment Section 227a Consumer education materials on how to avoid scams that rely upon misleading or inaccurate caller identification information Section 227b Call authentication Section 227b-1 Access to number resources Section 227b-2 Provision of evidence of certain robocall violations to Attorney General Section 228 Regulation of carrier offering of pay-per-call services Section 229 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act compliance Section 230 Protection for private blocking and screening of offensive material Section 231 Restriction of access by minors to materials commercially distributed by means of World Wide Web that are harmful to minors

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