47 U.S. Code Part I - General Provisions

Section 301 License for radio communication or transmission of energy Section 302a Devices which interfere with radio reception Section 303 Powers and duties of Commission Section 303a Standards for children's television programming Section 303b Consideration of children's television service in broadcast license renewal Section 303c Television program improvement Section 304 Waiver by license of claims to particular frequency or of electromagnetic spectrum Section 305 Government owned stations Section 306 Foreign ships; application of section 301 Section 307 Licenses Section 308 Requirements for license Section 309 Application for license Section 309a Reports related to spectrum auctions Section 310 License ownership restrictions Section 311 Requirements as to certain applications in broadcasting service Section 312 Administrative sanctions Section 312a Revocation of operator's license used in unlawful distribution of controlled substances Section 313 Application of antitrust laws to manufacture, sale, and trade in radio apparatus Section 314 Competition in commerce; preservation Section 315 Candidates for public office Section 316 Modification by Commission of station licenses or construction permits; burden of proof Section 317 Announcement of payment for broadcast Section 318 Transmitting apparatus; operator's license Section 319 Construction permits Section 320 Stations liable to interfere with distress signals; designation and regulation Section 321 Distress signals and communications; equipment on vessels; regulations Section 322 Exchanging radio communications between land and ship stations and from ship to ship Section 323 Interference between Government and commercial stations Section 324 Use of minimum power Section 325 False, fraudulent, or unauthorized transmissions Section 326 Censorship Section 327 Naval stations; use for commercial messages; rates Section 329 Administration of radio laws in Territories and possessions Section 330 Prohibition against shipment of certain television receivers Section 331 Very high frequency stations and AM radio stations Section 332 Mobile services Section 333 Willful or malicious interference Section 334 Limitation on revision of equal employment opportunity regulations Section 335 Direct broadcast satellite service obligations Section 336 Broadcast spectrum flexibility Section 337 Allocation and assignment of new public safety services licenses and commercial licenses Section 338 Carriage of local television signals by satellite carriers Section 339 Carriage of distant television stations by satellite carriers Section 340 Significantly viewed signals permitted to be carried Section 341 Carriage of television signals to certain subscribers Section 342 Process for issuing qualified carrier certification Section 343 Conditions on commercial terrestrial operations

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