48 U.S. Code Subchapter I - General Provisions

Section 731 Territory included under name Puerto Rico Section 731a Change of name; Puerto Rico Section 731b Organization of a government pursuant to a constitution Section 731c Submission of sections 731b to 731e of this title to people of Puerto Rico for referendum; convening of constitutional convention; requisites of constitution Section 731d Ratification of constitution by Congress Section 731e Chapter continued in force and effect Section 733 Citizens; former Spanish subjects and children; body politic; name Section 733a Citizens; residence in island of citizens of United States Section 734 United States laws extended to Puerto Rico; internal revenue receipts covered into treasury Section 734a Extension of industrial alcohol and internal revenue laws to Puerto Rico Section 736 Puerto Rican law modified Section 737 Privileges and immunities Section 738 Free interchange of merchandise with United States Section 739 Duties on foreign imports; books and pamphlets in English language Section 740 Duties and taxes to constitute fund for benefit of Puerto Rico; ports of entry Section 741 Export duties, taxes, etc.; bonds to anticipate revenues Section 741a Internal-revenue taxes; levy and collection; discrimination Section 742 Acknowledgment of deeds Section 744 Coasting trade laws Section 745 Tax exempt bonds Section 745a Public improvement bonds sold to United States or agency thereof excluded from public indebtedness Section 745b Refunding bonds excluded temporarily in computing indebtedness Section 746 Public lands and buildings; reservations; rights prior to July 1, 1902 Section 747 Public property transferred; "control" defined Section 748 Conveyance by President to people of lands, buildings, etc. Section 749 Harbors and navigable waters transferred; definitions Section 751 Interstate commerce and certain other laws inapplicable to Puerto Rico Section 752 Corporate real estate holdings

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