48 U.S. Code Section 737 - Privileges and immunities

The rights, privileges, and immunities of citizens of the United States shall be respected in Puerto Rico to the same extent as though Puerto Rico were a State of the Union and subject to the provisions of paragraph 1 of section 2 of article IV of the Constitution of the United States.

48 U.S.C. § 737 (2021)

1950—Act July 3, 1950, repealed all of section relating to bill of rights and restrictions except last paragraph.

1947—Act Aug. 5, 1947, inserted privileges and immunities provisions.

1934—Act Mar. 2, 1934, repealed so much of former provisions of twentieth paragraph of this section making it unlawful to import, manufacture, sell or give away, or to expose for sale or gift any intoxicating liquors. The penalty formerly contained in such paragraph, related only to violation of such provisions.

Effective Date
Effective Date of 1950 Amendment

Amendment by act July 3, 1950, effective July 25, 1952, the date the Constitution of Puerto Rico became effective, see Effective Date of Repeal note set out under section 732 of this title.

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