48 U.S. Code Section 892 - Qualifications of Commissioner; appointment to fill vacancy

No person shall be eligible to election as Resident Commissioner who is not a bona fide citizen of the United States and who is not more than twenty-five years of age, and who does not read and write the English language. In case of a vacancy in the office of Resident Commissioner by death, resignation, or otherwise, the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, shall appoint a Resident Commissioner to fill the vacancy, who shall serve until the next general election and until his successor is elected and qualified.

48 U.S.C. § 892 (2021)

Section is comprised of fifth and sixth sentences of section 36 of act Mar. 2, 1917. For classification of the remainder of section 36, see Codification note set out under section 891 of this title.

Prior Provisions

Provisions similar to those in this section were contained in act Apr. 12, 1900, ch. 191, §39, 31 Stat. 86.

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