49 U.S. Code Subchapter I - Requirements 2018

Section 44901 Screening passengers and property Section 44902 Refusal to transport passengers and property Section 44903 Air transportation security Section 44904 Domestic air transportation system security Section 44905 Information about threats to civil aviation Section 44906 Foreign air carrier security programs Section 44907 Security standards at foreign airports Section 44908 Travel advisory and suspension of foreign assistance Section 44909 Passenger manifests Section 44910 Agreements on aircraft sabotage, aircraft hijacking, and airport security Section 44911 Intelligence Section 44912 Research and development Section 44913 Explosive detection Section 44914 Airport construction guidelines Section 44915 Exemptions Section 44916 Assessments and evaluations Section 44917 Deployment of Federal air marshals Section 44918 Crew training Section 44919 PreCheck Program Section 44920 Screening partnership program Section 44921 Federal flight deck officer program Section 44922 Deputization of State and local law enforcement officers Section 44923 Airport security improvement projects Section 44924 Repair station security Section 44925 Deployment and use of detection equipment at airport screening checkpoints Section 44926 Appeal and redress process for passengers wrongly delayed or prohibited from boarding a flight Section 44927 Expedited screening for severely injured or disabled members of the Armed Forces and severely injured or disabled veterans Section 44928 Honor Flight program Section 44929 Donation of screening equipment to protect the United States

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