51 U.S. Code Section 50505 - Test facilities

(a) Charges.—The Administrator shall establish a policy of charging users of the Administration's test facilities for the costs associated with their tests at a level that is competitive with alternative test facilities. The Administrator shall not implement a policy of seeking full cost recovery for a facility until at least 30 days after transmitting a notice to the Committee on Science and Technology of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation of the Senate.

(b) Funding Account.—In planning and budgeting, the Administrator shall establish a funding account that shall be used for all test facilities. The account shall be sufficient to maintain the viability of test facilities during periods of low utilization.

51 U.S.C. § 50505 (2021)
Historical and Revision Notes
Historical and Revision Notes


Source (U.S. Code)Source (Statutes at Large)
50505 42 U.S.C. 16634. Pub. L. 109–155, title II, §205, Dec. 30, 2005, 119 Stat. 2916.

This section restates provisions originally enacted as part of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2005 (Public Law 109–155, 119 Stat. 2895), and not as part of title V of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 1993 (Public Law 102–588, 106 Stat. 5107), which is generally restated in this chapter.

In subsection (a), the words "Committee on Science and Technology" are substituted for "Committee on Science" on authority of Rule X(1)(o) of the Rules of the House of Representatives, adopted by House Resolution No. 6 (110th Congress, January 5, 2007).

Change of Name

Committee on Science and Technology of House of Representatives changed to Committee on Science, Space, and Technology of House of Representatives by House Resolution No. 5, One Hundred Twelfth Congress, Jan. 5, 2011.

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