52 U.S. Code Subchapter I - Disclosure Of Federal Campaign Funds

Section 30101 Definitions Section 30102 Organization of political committees Section 30103 Registration of political committees Section 30104 Reporting requirements Section 30105 Reports on convention financing Section 30106 Federal Election Commission Section 30107 Powers of Commission Section 30108 Advisory opinions Section 30109 Enforcement Section 30110 Judicial review Section 30111 Administrative provisions Section 30112 Maintenance of website of election reports Section 30113 Statements filed with State officers; "appropriate State" defined; duties of State officers; waiver of duplicate filing requirement for States with electronic access Section 30114 Use of contributed amounts for certain purposes Section 30115 Authorization of appropriations Section 30116 Limitations on contributions and expenditures Section 30117 Modification of certain limits for House candidates in response to personal fund expenditures of opponents Section 30118 Contributions or expenditures by national banks, corporations, or labor organizations Section 30119 Contributions by Government contractors Section 30120 Publication and distribution of statements and solicitations Section 30121 Contributions and donations by foreign nationals Section 30122 Contributions in name of another prohibited Section 30123 Limitation on contribution of currency Section 30124 Fraudulent misrepresentation of campaign authority Section 30125 Soft money of political parties Section 30126 Prohibition of contributions by minors

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