54 U.S. Code Section 101120 - Promotion of local fundraising support

(a) Program.—The National Park Foundation shall design and implement a comprehensive program to assist and promote philanthropic programs of support at the individual System unit level.

(b) Implementation.—The program under subsection (a) shall be implemented to—

(1) assist in the creation of local nonprofit support organizations; and

(2) provide support, national consistency, and management-improving suggestions for local nonprofit support organizations.

(c) Program.—The program under subsection (a)—

(1) shall include the greatest number of System units as is practicable; and

(2) at a minimum shall include—

(A) a standard adaptable organizational design format to establish and sustain responsible management of a local nonprofit support organization for support of a System unit;

(B) standard and legally tenable bylaws and recommended money-handling procedures that can easily be adapted as applied to individual System units; and

(C) a standard training curriculum to orient and expand the operating expertise of personnel employed by local nonprofit support organizations.

(d) Annual Report.—The National Park Foundation shall report the progress of the program under subsection (a) in the annual report of the Foundation.

(e) Affiliations.—

(1) Charter or corporate bylaws.—Nothing in this section requires—

(A) a nonprofit support organization or friends group to modify current practices or to affiliate with the National Park Foundation; or

(B) a local nonprofit support organization, established as a result of this section, to be bound through its charter or corporate bylaws to be permanently affiliated with the National Park Foundation.

(2) Establishment.—An affiliation with the National Park Foundation shall be established only at the discretion of the governing board of a nonprofit organization.

54 U.S.C. § 101120 (2021)
Historical and Revision Notes
Historical and Revision Notes


Source (U.S. Code)Source (Statutes at Large)
101120 16 U.S.C. 19o. Pub. L. 90–209, §11, as added Pub. L. 105–391, title VII, §701, Nov. 13, 1998, 112 Stat. 3520.

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