54 U.S. Code Section 104908 - Bows in parks

(a) Definition of Not Ready for Immediate Use.—The term "not ready for immediate use" means—

(1) a bow or crossbow, the arrows of which are secured or stowed in a quiver or other arrow transport case; and

(2) with respect to a crossbow, uncocked.

(b) Vehicular Transportation Authorized.—The Director shall not promulgate or enforce any regulation that prohibits an individual from transporting bows and crossbows that are not ready for immediate use across any System unit in the vehicle of the individual if—

(1) the individual is not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing the bows and crossbows;

(2) the bows or crossbows that are not ready for immediate use remain inside the vehicle of the individual throughout the period during which the bows or crossbows are transported across System land; and

(3) the possession of the bows and crossbows is in compliance with the law of the State in which the System unit is located.

54 U.S.C. § 104908 (2021)

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