54 U.S. Code Section 302302 - Program evaluation

(a) When Evaluation Should Occcur 1.—Periodically, but not less than every 4 years after the approval of any State program under section 302301 of this title, the Secretary, in consultation with the Council on the appropriate provisions of this division, and in cooperation with the State Historic Preservation Officer, shall evaluate the program to determine whether it is consistent with this division.

(b) Disapproval of Program.—If, at any time, the Secretary determines that a major aspect of a State program is not consistent with this division, the Secretary shall disapprove the program and suspend in whole or in part any contracts or cooperative agreements with the State and the State Historic Preservation Officer under this division, until the program is consistent with this division, unless the Secretary determines that the program will be made consistent with this division within a reasonable period of time.

(c) Oversight.—The Secretary, in consultation with State Historic Preservation Officers, shall establish oversight methods to ensure State program consistency and quality without imposing undue review burdens on State Historic Preservation Officers.

(d) State Fiscal Audit and Management System.—

(1) Substitution for comparable federal systems.—At the discretion of the Secretary, a State system of fiscal audit and management may be substituted for comparable Federal systems so long as the State system—

(A) establishes and maintains substantially similar accountability standards; and

(B) provides for independent professional peer review.

(2) Fiscal audits and review by secretary.—The Secretary—

(A) may conduct periodic fiscal audits of State programs approved under this subdivision as needed; and

(B) shall ensure that the programs meet applicable accountability standards.

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