Chapter 230-X-1 - Contractors (Alabama Administrative Code)

Renewal procedures
Requirements for bid limits
Company continuing in business after death of sole proprietor
Change in form of operation
Contractor/lessee must have license
Joint venture
Subsidiary using parent's financial statement
Amount of a contract
Construction manager
Repair and maintenance
Assembling machinery
Bidding as licensed
Demolition work
Steel buildings
Installation of machinery and/or equipment
Debarred applicants
Filing financial statements by prime contractors
Application for license by subsidiary
Probation, debarment, etc
Carpet installation
Preparation of financial statements
Fifty-one percent regulation
Major classifications
Classification of licenses
Reidentification of contractors
Written examination
Audit/review/compilation of financial statements submitted by prime contractors
Certificate of insurance
Applicant's burden to supply all information; noncompliant application
License and examination
Testing requirements
Qualifying party
Rules to implement staggered license renewal schedule for prime contractors
Rules to implement staggered license renewal schedule for sub-contractors
Reciprocity for license
Method of payment for fees
Inactive license
Fees for services
Financial information in contractor's file
Military family jobs opportunity act applicants

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