Title 420 - Alabama State Board Of Health (Alabama Administrative Code)

Rule-making Procedures
Hearing Of Contested Cases
Petitions For Declaratory Rulings
Organization And Operation Of The State Board Of Health
Emergency Medical Services
Alabama Statewide Trauma System
Alabama Statewide Health System For Stroke
Alabama Head And Spinal Cord Injury Registry
Onsite Sewage Disposal
Solid Waste Collection And Transportation
Septage Management
Construction, Maintenance, And Operation Of Hotels
Crab Sanitation Program
Production, Processing, Handling Or Distribution Of Milk, Milk Products And Frozen Desserts
Production, Processing, Handling Or Distribution Of Milk For Manufacturing Purposes, Dry Milk Products, Butter, Cheese Or Condensed Milk Products
Shellfish Sanitation
Food Processing Establishment Sanitation
Camp Sanitation
Food Establishment Sanitation
Body Art Practice And Facilities
Radiation Control
Lead Hazard Reduction Contractor Certification
Enforcement Of The Alabama Clean Indoor Air Act
Renovation Contractor Certification
Notifiable Diseases
Rabies Vaccination Verification Program
Infected Health Care Workers
Rabies Control Program
Healthcare-associated Infections Reporting
Abortion Or Reproductive Health Centers
Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Facilities
Cerebral Palsy Treatment Centers
Assisted Living Facilities
End Stage Renal Disease Treatment And Transplant Centers
Health Maintenance Organizations
Independent Clinical Laboratories
Freestanding Emergency Departments
Nursing Facilities
Rehabilitation Centers
Identification Of Drug Products In Solid Oral Dosage Form For Which A Prescription Is Required By Federal Law
Birthing Centers
Sleep Disorders Facilities
Advance Directives
Specialty Care Assisted Living Facilities
Payment Of Plan Review Fees
Submission Of Plans And Specifications For Health Care Facilities
Immunization Of School Children
Exchange Of Immunization Information And Operation Of The Alabama Immunization Registry
Vital Statistics
Controlled Substances
Alabama Statewide Cancer Registry
Alabama Head And Spinal Cord Injury Registry
Fetal Infant Mortality Review
Certification Of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Care And Treatment Of Infants Identified Through The Newborn Screening Program
Women, Infants, And Children Supplemental Nutrition Program
Procedures For Donation Of Certain Prescription Drugs To Charitable Clinics
Rules For Qualifications And Criteria For Retired Physicians And Dentists To Be Eligible To Participate In Professional Liability Coverage While Serving At Free Health Care Clinics
Youth Injury Mitigation Training

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