Title 560 - Alabama Medicaid Agency (Alabama Administrative Code)

Assuring High Quality Care
Fair Hearings
Program Integrity Division
Psychiatric Facilities For Individuals 65 Or Over
Physicians Program
Independent Rural Health Clinic Services
Independent Laboratory Services
Long Term Care
Early And Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, And Treatment For Individuals Under 21
Home Health
Durable Medical Equipment, Supplies, Appliances, Prosthetics, Orthotics And Pedorthics
Family Planning
Dental Services
Pharmaceutical Services
Eye Care Services
Transportation Services
Hearing Services
Third Party
Nurse Midwife Program
Nursing Facility Reimbursement
Hospital Reimbursement Program
Renal Dialysis
Medicaid Eligibility
Rules Of Practice Before Agency
Confidential Materials
Forms Used By Agency
Definitions Of Terms Used In Rules
Emergency Rule Procedures
Declaratory Rulings
Rules Adopted By Reference
Recoupments, Estate Recoveries And Liens
Independent Radiology Services
Home- And Community-based Waiver For Persons With Intellectual Disabilities
Home- And Community-based Services For The Elderly And Disabled
Managed Care
Ambulatory Surgical Center Services
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (eswl)
Optional Targeted Case Management
Psychiatric Facilities For Individuals Under Age 21
Icf/mr Reimbursement
Home And Community-based Services For The Alabama Community Transition (act) Waiver
Hospice Care
Rehabilitative Services
Federally Qualified Health Centers
Certified Nurse Practitioner Program
Preventive Health Education
Hospice Care
Home And Community-based Living At Home (lh) Waiver For The Mentally Retarded
Program Of All-inclusive Care For The Elderly (pace)
Home And Community-based Services For Individual Under The Technology Assisted (ta) Waiver For Adults
Perinatal Regional Directors
Federally Qualified Health Center Reimbursement
Home And Community-based Services For The State Of Alabama Independent Living (sail) Waiver
Provider-based Rural Health Clinic Services
Provider Based Rural Health Clinic Reimbursement
Children's Specialty Clinic Services
Regional Care Organizations
Ventilator-dependent And Qualified Tracheostomy Care
Integrated Care Networks

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