Title 660 - Alabama Department Of Human Resources (Alabama Administrative Code)

General Information
Statutory Purpose, Duties, Responsibilities And Organization Of The Department
Rule-making And Related Matters
Confidential Materials
Aid To Dependent Children
Aid To Refugees
State Supplementation
Medicaid Eligibility
Hea/sma Certifications By The Department Of Human Resources
2.2&percnt electric exemption program
Job Opportunities And Basic Skills Training Program
Services Provided
Eligibility For Services
Adoption By Reference Of Portions Of 45 Code Of Federal Regulations
Collection And Distribution Of Child Support Payments
State And Federal Intercept Programs
Use Or Disclosure Of Information
License Withholding, Restriction, Suspension And Revocation
Alabama Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
Financial Institution Data Match (fidm)
Ten Most Wanted Program
General Administration
Appeals And Hearings
Income Withholding
Medical Support
Review And Adjustment Of Child Support Orders
Scope And Authority
Certification Of Eligible Households
Food Stamp Overpayment
Emergency Food Assistance For Victims Of Disasters
Simplified Reporting And Prospective Budgeting
Social Services Plan
Social Services - General
Health And Safety Guidelines-out Of School Time Facilities
Child Care Subsidy Program Health And Safety Guidelines
Putative Father Registry
Services To Unmarried Parents And Their Children - A Preventive/supportive Service
Multiple Needs Child Policy
Day Care For Children
Day Care Licensure-minimum Standards For Day Care Centers And Nighttime Centers
Day Care Licensure - Minimum Standards For Family Day Care Homes, Family Nighttime Homes, Group Day Care Homes, And Group Nighttime Homes
Foster Care For Children
Minimum Standards For Foster Family Homes
Termination Of Parental Rights
Homemaker Services For Children
Emergency Assistance To Families With Children Program
Protective Services For Children
Interstate/intercountry Services To Children Policy And Procedures
Indian Child Welfare Act (icwa)
Licensing: Minimum Standards For Residential Child-care Facilities
Licensing: Minimum Standards For Child-placing Agencies
General - Adult Services
Protective Services For Adults
Foster Care For Adults
Day Care For Adults
Homemaker Services For Adults
Adult Day Health
Criminal History Background Information Checks
Individualized Service Plans
Smooth Transitions Into Adulthood
Behavior Management
Transitional And Independent Living Program And Placement Requirements
Referral, Admission, And Discharge Procedures For Inpatient Psychiatric Services
Child Welfare Caseload Standards And Additional Staff Allocation Requirements
Alabama Youth Residential Facility Abuse Prevention Act
Emergency Welfare Services Program

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