Title 820 - State Of Alabama Office Of The Secretary Of State (Alabama Administrative Code)

Organization Of The Office Of The Secretary Of State And Construction Of Rules
Rules Of Practice
Procedures For The Application And Renewal Of Concealed Weapon Permits
General Implementation Of The Help America Vote Act
Voter Registration
Absentee Voting
Ballot Access For Political Parties And Independent Candidates
Procedure To Complain About Violations Of Title Iii Of The Federal Help America Vote Act Of 2002
Procedures For Provisional Voting
Cross - Over Voting
Procedures And Requirements For Submission Of Notices For Posting By Secretary Of State
The Fair Campaign Practices Act Filing Regulations
Implementation Of Alabama Photo Voter Identification Law
Procedures For Implementing Teh Uniformed And Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act ("uocava")
Electronic poll books
Permanent Disability Absentee Voting
Procedures For The Administrative Dissolution Of Certain Corporations
Farm Products
Procedures For Revised Article 9 Of The Uniform Commercial Code
Procedures For Implementing The Alabama Homeowners' Association Act
Authorized Training And Examination
Authentic Acts And Other Duties
Procedures For Electronic Recording Of Real Property Records

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