Section 820-1-2-.16 - Briefs And Oral Arguments (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 820-1-2-.16. Briefs And Oral Arguments

(1) Briefs or memoranda shall be filed at the discretion of the parties or when requested by the Secretary or the presiding hearings examiner. Briefs must be printed or typewritten and should include a statement of facts, proposition or points of law together with the authorities relied on, an argument of the proposition or points of law and requests for specific findings of facts.

(2) Exhibits should not be reproduced in a brief, but may, if desired, be reproduced in an appendix to the brief. Notice of intention of filing briefs shall be given before the hearing closes. When the briefs are filed with the Secretary they should be accompanied by certificate of service on opposite parties of record.

(3) Oral arguments before the Secretary may be granted at the discretion of the Secretary, or the presiding hearings examiner upon the request of the parties made before or at the close of the hearing in any proceeding.

Author: Charles E. Grainger, Jr.

(New Rule: Filed January 10, 2001; effective February 14, 2001.)

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, § 41-22-4.

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