Section 820-2-6-.06 - Provisional Ballot Roster (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 820-2-6-.06. Provisional Ballot Roster

The voter shall sign a provisional ballot roster prescribed by the Secretary of State, which shall provide space for the name and number of the precinct, the name of the county, city, or town in which the election is being held, the name of the election, the date of the election, the voter's printed name and signature and, when a person provides assistance to the provisional voter, the printed name and signature of the person providing assistance. The roster shall also contain a statement to be completed and signed by the provisional ballot officer certifying that the roster contains the names of all persons casting a provisional ballot in the precinct. The lines on the provisional ballot roster shall be numbered in a uniform manner. The line numbers shall include, in the case of primaries, party affiliation. Each voter's provisional ballot roster number shall be clearly written by the provisional ballot officer upon the respective provisional voter's provisional verification statement and upon the outer ballot envelope given to the provisional voter. Upon the closing of the polls, the provisional ballot officer shall sign each provisional roster to certify that the name of each person casting a provisional ballot appears on a provisional ballot roster.

(New Rule: Filed May 27, 2004; effective July 1, 2004. Amended: Filed May 20, 2010; effective June 24, 2010.)

Authors: Roy Wylie Granger, III; Edward Packard; Jean Brown

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, §§ 17-1-3(a), 17-10-2.

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