Section 825-X-2-.01 - Criteria Standards (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 825-X-2-.01. Criteria Standards

(1) The Alabama Sickle Cell Oversight and Regulatory Commission was established by the Alabama State Legislature in the spring of 1996 to oversee the investment that the State makes in sickle cell services, education, screening, counseling, and research in Alabama. The composition of the Commission as defined by Act 96-727 includes: one representative from each of the seven Alabama Chapters of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America; one representative from each of the two Comprehensive Sickle Cell Centers in the State; one representative of the Children's Hospital of Alabama; and two appointees of the Governor.

(2) One major goal of the Commission is to establish a set of criteria for entities receiving state support through the Education Trust Fund or through other related state mechanisms. Two entities worthy of funding serve an educational mission in our society, to all regions of the State and for all individuals with sickle cell conditions. These entities are:

1) the Alabama Chapters of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America and

2) the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Centers in the State of Alabama. For the purposes of this document, the terms "sickle cell conditions" and "sickle hemoglobinopathy" are defined. The term "sickle cell condition" here refers to all individuals with sickle hemoglobinopathies and those with sickle cell trait. The term "sickle hemoglobinopathy" refers to all medically significant hemoglobinopathies, i.e., sickle hemoglobin in person with clinical or laboratory abnormalities.

(3) The Commission recognizes three important points regarding these entities:

1) All current Alabama Chapters of the Sickle Cell Association of America (North Alabama Sickle Cell Foundation, North Central Alabama Sickle Cell Foundation, Sickle Cell Foundation of Greater Montgomery, Inc., SCDAA-Mobile Chapter, Tri-County Sickle Cell Anemia Association, Southeast Alabama Sickle Cell Association, SCDAA-West Alabama) and UAB and USA Comprehensive Sickle Cell Centers are current, active participants in serving persons with sickle cell conditions;

2) There is a very important linkage between education-focused university-based Sickle Cell Centers and education-focused community-based Sickle Cell Chapters such that the Chapters are extended arms of the educational institutions for comprehensive services, and they enhance the accessibility of comprehensive sickle cell services to the residents of Alabama;

3) Unique pediatric health care facilities including the Children's Hospital of Alabama and the Women's and Children's Hospital in Mobile are formally affiliated with the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Centers and are currently active and valid recipients of Educational Trust Funds.

Author: Alabama Sickle Cell Oversight and Regulatory Commissioners

(New Rule: Filed February 11, 2002; effective March 18, 2002.)

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, Legislative Act 96-727, H.250

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