Section 830-X-2-.06 - Advertising And Sales Literature (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 830-X-2-.06. Advertising And Sales Literature

(1) Every advertisement and all sales literature used in connection with an offering of securities registered under this Act, must be authorized in writing by the Commission before being placed or used in newspapers or other means of public communication unless it is within the requirements and rules promulgated by the National Association of Securities Dealers, concerning advertisements for use in newspapers or any other means of public communication or satisfies the requirements of the Securities Act of 1933 any statement of policy by the Securities and Exchange Commission concerning advertisements and sales literature, or contains no more than the following:

(a) Date of issuance or release

(b) Name and address of issuer

(c) Identity or title of securities

(d) Amount of offering

(e) Brief statement of general character

(f) Address where prospectus or offering circular may be obtained

(2) The use of any sales material in such a fashion as to be deceptive or misleading is prohibited. An example of such practice is as follows: A distribution of any nonfactual data, material or presentation based on conjuncture, unfounded or extravagant claims or assertions in any brochure or display by words, pictures, graphs or otherwise designed or tending to supplement, detract from, supersede or defeat the purpose or effect of the prospectus or disclosures therein.


(Filed September 30, 1982. Readopted: Filed November 9, 1983.)

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, § 8-6-23.

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