Section 850-X-1-.07 - Meetings (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 850-X-1-.07. Meetings

(1) Each member of the Board shall be given five business days' notice of the time, place, and purpose of any special meeting by the executive secretary, unless such notice is waived by the individual member or unless such member is present at the called meeting.

(2) Failure of any Board member to attend any three consecutive regular meetings shall be considered cause for removal as provided in Code of Ala. 1975, § 34-30 -55 (1991).

(Repealed and Replaced: Filed October 31, 1997; Operative December 5, 1997; effective January 1, 1998 (See Rule 850-X-1-.19). Renumbered from 850-X-1-.11Alabama Administrative Monthly Volume XXXIV, Issue No. 12, September 30, 2016, eff. October 30, 2016.)

Rules .09 and .10 were repealed and rule .11 was renumbered .07 as per certification filed September 15, 2016; effective October 30, 2016.

Author: Alabama State Board of Social Work Examiners

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, § 34-30 -56 (1991).

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