Section 850-X-10-.04 - Informal Disposition (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 850-X-10-.04. Informal Disposition

(1) After review of the complaint or other information by the Disciplinary Investigative Committee of the Board, if the Investigative Committee determines that the complaint or other information may constitute a violation of the Board's rules and/or statutes, the Investigative Committee's designee may without prejudice to its authority to initiate formal action, take such action as it deems necessary to informally contact the licensee, any complainant, or any other party or parties, in an effort to resolve or informally settle any dispute which may constitute a violation of the Board's rules and/or statutes. Such action may include, but not be limited to, issuing a request to the licensee that he or she do, or refrain from doing, such activities as the Board may prescribe, and the entering of settlement agreements and/or releases between the licensee, the Board and/or other parties setting out the terms of any resolution and settlement of the alleged violation. Informal disposition of disciplinary complaints are considered to be matters of public record.

(2) In the event that an informal settlement of any alleged violations of the Board's rules and/or statutes cannot be reached, the Board may proceed to take formal action to determine whether probable cause exists for the issuance of a summons and complaint by the Board.

(Repealed and Replaced: Filed: October 31, 1997; Operative December 5, 1997; effective January 1, 1998 (See Rule 850-X-1-.19). Amended by Alabama Administrative Monthly Volume XXXIV, Issue No. 12, September 30, 2016, eff. October 30, 2016.)

Author: Alabama State Board of Social Work Examiners

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, § 41-22 -4(a)(2) (1991).

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