Section 860-3-1-.08 - Temporary Permits (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 860-3-1-.08. Temporary Permits

Temporary permits may be issued to non-residents or persons who have recently become residents, for specific jobs and for specific periods of time, not to exceed 30 days in any calendar year. Applicants applying for a temporary permit are required to follow the normal registration procedures or hold a certificate of registration in the practice of soil classifying on the basis of comparable qualifications issued by a proper authority of another state, possession or territory of the United States and who in the opinion of the Board meets the requirements of the Act. The Board may consider additional temporary permits to same applicant without examination.

(New Rule: Filed July 15, 2010; effective August 19, 2010.)

Author: Stephen M. Cauthen

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala 1975, § 34-32-9.

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