Section 870-X-1-.02 - Membership, Qualifications, And Term Of Appointment (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 870-X-1-.02. Membership, Qualifications, And Term Of Appointment

(1) There are seven members of the Board. The overall membership of the Board shall consist of not more than one member from any U.S. Congressional District at the same time. Members are appointed by the Governor from names submitted by the Speech and Hearing Association of Alabama, which shall recommend not less than three persons to fill each vacancy. These recommendations shall consist of at least two persons from each of those Districts not already represented on the Board.

(2) One member shall be a member of the consuming public or an allied professional. Three members shall be licensed speech-language pathologists and three shall be licensed audiologists. The six members who are speech-language pathologists or audiologists shall have been engaged in rendering services to the public and/or teaching and/or research in speech-language pathology or audiology for at least five years immediately preceding their appointment, and shall be citizens of this state. The six professional speech-language pathologist and audiologist Board members shall at all times be holders of active and valid licenses for the practice of speech pathology or audiology in the State of Alabama.

(3) Appointments shall be for a term of three years, with no member eligible to serve more than two full consecutive terms. Terms shall begin on October 1. In the event appointments are not made to fill the expired terms and/or vacancies on the Board, those members of the Board may continue to serve on the Board until new appointments are made.

(Filed September 20, 1982. Amended: Filed February 28, 1985; January 14, 1994. Amended: Filed February 11, 1994; effective March 18, 1994. Amended: Filed August 29, 1997; effective October 3, 1997. Amended (Rule Number Only): Filed September 14, 2006; effective October 19, 2006. Amended: Filed June 21, 2010; effective July 26, 2010.)

Rule 870-X-1-.01 was renumbered as per certification filed September 14, 2006; effective October 19, 2006.

Authors: Eugene C. Sheeley, Denise P. Gibbs, Loie P. Sears, Gina Murray, Keith Nicholls

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, §§ 34-28A-1, et seq.

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