Section 870-X-1-.08 - Public Information (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 870-X-1-.08. Public Information

(1) The public may obtain information about the operation of the Board by communicating with the Board at its permanent address.

(2) The rules and regulations governing the Board shall be published by the Legislative Reference Service.

(3) The Board's official roster of current licensees will be printed annually in February. To be on this roster, a licensee must renew annually on or before January 31. Information regarding licensure status can be obtained by communicating with the Board at its permanent address.

(4) The Board shall present a report of its activities at the annual convention of the Speech and Hearing Association of Alabama.

(5) An annual report of the business conducted by the Board during the previous year shall be compiled during October of each year. Copies of the annual report shall be submitted to the Governor or his duly named representative and filed in the permanent office of the Board and offices of the members of the Board. The annual report should include an overview of the previous year. Specific items in the report include the following:

(a) Members of the Board

(b) Executive secretary

(c) Board's address

(d) Number and dates of Board meetings

(e) Number of all applications reviewed

(f) Number of applicants licensed

(g) Number of applicants approved for CFY

(h) Number of Administrative/Disciplinary hearings

(i) Number of licensed suspended, pending, or impaired

(j) Number of complaints received

(k) Number of complaints investigated

(l) Total money received

(m) Total money disbursed

(n) Money encumbered at the end of fiscal year

(o) Number of continuing education workshops

(p) Number of CE participants

Authors: Eugene C. Sheeley, Gina Murray, Keith Nicholls

(Filed September 20, 1982. Amended: Filed February 28, 1985. Amended: Filed August 29, 1997; effective October 3, 1997. Amended (Rule Number Only): Filed September 14, 2006; effective October 19, 2006.)

Rule 870-X-1-.07 was renumbered 870-X-1-.08 as per certification filed September 14, 2006; effective October 19, 2006.

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, §§ 34-28A-1, et seq.

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