Section 870-X-7-.01 - Preamble (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 870-X-7-.01. Preamble

The purpose of this chapter is to define the scope of practice of speech-language pathology and audiology. The scope of practice defined here, and the areas specifically set forth are part of an effort to establish the broad range of services offered within these professions. It is recognized, however, that levels of experience, skill, and proficiency with respect to the activities identified within this scope of practice will vary among individual licensees. By defining the scope of practice of speech-language pathology and audiology, there is no intention to exclude members of other professions form rendering services in common practice areas for which they are competent by virtue of their respective disciplines. It is recognized that speech-language pathology and audiology are dynamic and continuously developing practice areas. In setting forth some specific areas as included within the scope of practice, there is no intention that the list be exhaustive or that other, new, or emerging areas be precluded from being considered as within the scope of practice.

Author: Denise P. Gibbs

(New Rule: Filed October 18, 1994; effective November 21, 1994.)

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, § 34-28A-1, et seq.

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