Section 870-X-7-.05 - Regulation of Telepractice (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 870-X-7-.05. Regulation of Telepractice

Telecommunications technology makes the provision of speech, language, and hearing services to clients who are located in a different site than the licensed professional. It is incumbent on the licensee to use astute professional judgement in deciding which professional services can be utilized via telepractice. In order to maintain the standard of care, certain services would not be well suited for telepractice.

(1) Telepractice is subject to the same standards of practice stated in 870-X-7-.01 through .04, as if the person being treated were physically present with the licensee. The quality of service provided to the patient through telepractice must be equivalent to the service obtained when the clinician is physically present with the patient.

(2) Telepractice should be administered in real time and in a manner sufficient to ensure patient confidentiality.

(3) Providers must hold a license in the State of Alabama unless there is a qualifying exemption as noted in Code of Ala. 1975, Section 34-28A-3; 870-X-2-.01 and shall be in compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements of the patient site.

(4) Telepractice services may not be administered by assistants.

(5) Telepractice services may be provided by CFs in speech-language pathology and fourth year audiology interns in accordance with 870-X-2-.05.

(6) Licensees are responsible for ensuring that both the provider site and the practice site are prepared adequately to ensure efficacious utilization of the therapeutic encounter.

(7) Licensees and staff involved in telepractice should be trained in the use of telepractice equipment.

(8) Notification of telepractice services shall be provided to the patient and guardian if the patient is a minor. The notification shall include the right to refuse telepractice services and options for alternate service delivery.

(Amended by Alabama Administrative Monthly Volume XXXIX, Issue No. 06, March 31, 2021, eff. May 15, 2021.)

Author: Richard Gresham, Richard S. Sweitzer, Denise P. Gibbs, Martha W. Paxton, Lissa Van Doorn, Robert L. Rane, Mark Carroll

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, § 34-28A-42, et seq.

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