Chapter 880-X-10C - Performance Standards Surface Mining Activities (Alabama Administrative Code)

Section 880-X-10C-.01 Scope Section 880-X-10C-.02 Objectives Section 880-X-10C-.03 Signs And Markers Section 880-X-10C-.04 Casing And Sealing Of Drilled Holes: General Requirements Section 880-X-10C-.05 Casing And Sealing Of Drilled Holes: Temporary Section 880-X-10C-.06 Casing And Sealing Of Drilled Holes: Permanent Section 880-X-10C-.07 Topsoil: General Requirements Section 880-X-10C-.08 Topsoil: Removal Section 880-X-10C-.09 Topsoil: Storage Section 880-X-10C-.10 Topsoil: Redistribution Section 880-X-10C-.11 Topsoil: Nutrients And Soil Amendments Section 880-X-10C-.12 Hydrologic Balance Protection Section 880-X-10C-.13 Hydrologic Balance: Water Quality Standard And Effluent Limitations Section 880-X-10C-.14 Diversions Section 880-X-10C-.16 Hydrologic Balance: Sediment Control Measures Section 880-X-10C-.17 Hydrologic Balance: Siltation Structures Section 880-X-10C-.18 Hydrologic Balance: Discharge Structures Section 880-X-10C-.19 Hydrologic Balance: Acid-forming And Toxic-Forming Spoil Section 880-X-10C-.20 Impoundments Section 880-X-10C-.21 Hydrologic Balance: Ground Water Protection Section 880-X-10C-.22 Hydrologic Balance: Protection Of Ground Water Recharge Capacity Section 880-X-10C-.23 Hydrologic Balance: Surface And Ground Water Monitoring Section 880-X-10C-.24 (Not Used) Section 880-X-10C-.25 Hydrologic Balance: Water Rights And Replacement Section 880-X-10C-.26 (Not Used) Section 880-X-10C-.27 Postmining Rehabilitation Or Removal Of Sedimentation Ponds, Diversions, Impoundments, And Treatment Facilities Section 880-X-10C-.28 Hydrologic Balance: Stream Buffer Zones Section 880-X-10C-.29 Coal Recovery Section 880-X-10C-.30 Use Of Explosives: General Requirements Section 880-X-10C-.31 Use Of Explosives: Preblasting Survey Section 880-X-10C-.32 Use Of Explosives-Blasting Schedule Section 880-X-10C-.33 Use Of Explosives: Blasting Signs, Warning And Access Control Section 880-X-10C-.34 Use of Explosives: Control of Adverse Effects Section 880-X-10C-.35 Use Of Explosives: Records Of Blasting Operations Section 880-X-10C-.36 Disposal Of Excess Spoil Section 880-X-10C-.37 Protection Of Underground Mining Section 880-X-10C-.38 Coal Mine Waste: General Requirements Section 880-X-10C-.39 (Not Used) Section 880-X-10C-.40 Coal Mine Waste: Refuse Piles Section 880-X-10C-.41 Coal Mine Waste: Impounding Structures Section 880-X-10C-.42 (Not Used) Section 880-X-10C-.43 Coal Mine Waste: Burning And Burned Waste Utilization Section 880-X-10C-.44 (Not Used) Section 880-X-10C-.45 Disposal Of Noncoal Mine Wastes Section 880-X-10C-.46 (Not Used) Section 880-X-10C-.47 (Not Used) Section 880-X-10C-.48 (Not Used) Section 880-X-10C-.49 Protection Of Fish, Wildlife, And Related Environmental Values Section 880-X-10C-.50 Slides And Other Damage Section 880-X-10C-.51 Contemporaneous Reclamation Section 880-X-10C-.52 Backfilling And Grading: Timing Section 880-X-10C-.53 Backfilling And Grading: General Requirements Section 880-X-10C-.54 Backfilling And Grading: Thin Overburden Section 880-X-10C-.55 Backfilling And Grading: Thick Overburden Section 880-X-10C-.56 Backfilling And Grading: Previously Mined Areas Section 880-X-10C-.57 Regrading Or Stabilizing Rills And Gullies Section 880-X-10C-.58 Revegetation: General Requirements Section 880-X-10C-.59 (Not Used) Section 880-X-10C-.60 Revegetation: Revegetation Timing and Soil Stabilization Practices Section 880-X-10C-.61 (Not Used) Section 880-X-10C-.62 Revegetation: Standards For Success Section 880-X-10C-.63 (Not Used) Section 880-X-10C-.64 Cessation Of Operations: Temporary Section 880-X-10C-.65 Cessation Of Operations: Permanent Section 880-X-10C-.66 Postmining Land Use Section 880-X-10C-.67 Roads: General Section 880-X-10C-.68 Primary Roads Section 880-X-10C-.69 (Not Used) Section 880-X-10C-.70 (Not Used) Section 880-X-10C-.71 (Not Used) Section 880-X-10C-.72 Other Transportation Facilities Section 880-X-10C-.73 Support Facilities And Utility Installations

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