Section 880-X-10C-.38 - Coal Mine Waste: General Requirements (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 880-X-10C-.38. Coal Mine Waste: General Requirements

(1) General. All coal mine waste shall be placed in new or existing disposal areas within a permit area, which are approved by the Regulatory Authority for this purpose. Coal mine waste shall be handled and conveyed and placed in a controlled manner to --

(a) Minimize adverse effects of leachate and surface-water runoff on surface and ground water quality and quantity.

(b) Ensure mass stability and prevent mass movement during and after construction;

(c) Ensure that the final disposal facility is suitable for reclamation and revegetation compatible with the natural surroundings and the approved postmining land use;

(d) Not create a public hazard; and

(e) Prevent combustion.

(2) Coal mine waste material from activities located outside a permit area may be disposed of in the permit area only if approved by the Regulatory Authority. Approval shall be based upon a showing that such disposal will be in accordance with the standards of this section.

(3) Design certification.

(a) The disposal facility shall be designed using current, prudent engineering practices and shall meet any design criteria established by the Regulatory Authority. A qualified registered professional engineer, experienced in the design of similar earth and waste structures, shall certify the design of the disposal facility.

(b) The disposal facility shall be designed to attain a minimum long-term static safety factor of 1.5. The foundation and abutments must be stable under all conditions of construction.

(4) Foundation. Sufficient foundation investigations, as well as any necessary laboratory testing of foundation material, shall be performed in order to determine the design requirements for foundation stability. The analyses of the foundation conditions shall take into consideration the effect of underground mine workings, if any, upon the stability of the disposal facility.

(5) Emergency procedures. If any examination or inspection discloses that a potential hazard exists, the Regulatory Authority shall be informed promptly of the finding and of the emergency procedures formulated for public protection and remedial action. If adequate procedures cannot be formulated or implemented, the Regulatory Authority shall then notify the appropriate agencies that other emergency procedures are required to protect the public.

(6) Underground disposal. Coal mine waste may be disposed of in underground mine workings, but only in accordance with a plan approved by the Regulatory Authority and MSHA under Rule 880-X-8I-.16.

Author: Randall C. Johnson

(Original Filed November 14, 1989; effective March 7, 1991. Amended: Filed March 25, 1997; effective April 29, 1997.)

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, §§ 9-16-71, et seq.

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