Section 880-X-10G-.04 - Soil Removal And Stockpiling (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 880-X-10G-.04. Soil Removal And Stockpiling

(1) Prime farmland soil shall be removed from the area to be disturbed for drilling, blasting or mining.

(2) The minimum depth of soil and soil materials to be removed and stored for use in the reconstruction of prime farmlands shall be sufficient to meet the requirements of Rule 880-X-10G-.05(2).

(3) Soil removal and stockpiling operations on prime farmland shall be conducted to:

(a) Separately remove the topsoil or remove other suitable soil materials where such other soil materials will create a final soil having a greater productive capacity than that which existed prior to mining. If not utilized immediately, this material shall be placed in stockpiles separate from the spoil and all other excavated materials; and

(b) Separately remove the B or C horizon or other suitable soil materials to provide the thickness of suitable soil required by Rule 880-X-10G-.05(2), except as approved by the Regulatroy Authority where the B or C soil horizons would not otherwise be removed and where soil capabilities can be retained. If not utilized immediately, each horizon or other material shall be stockpiled separately from the spoil and all other excavated materials. Where combinations of such soil material created by mixing have been shown to be equally or more favorable for plant growth than the B horizon, separate handling is not necessary.

(4) Stockpiles shall be placed within the permit area where they will not be disturbed or be subject to excessive erosion. If left in place more than thirty (30) days, stockpiles shall meet the requirements of Rules 880-X-10D-.09 and 880-X-10C-.09.

Author: Randall C. Johnson

(Original Filed November 14, 1989; effective: March 7, 1991. Amended: Filed July 27, 1998; effective August 31, 1998; operative January 3, 1999.)

On December 4, 1998, the Office of Surface Mining approved this rulemaking adopted by the commission on July 16, 1998. The effective date of this rule will be January 3, 1999.

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, § 9-16-71, et seq.

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