Section 880-X-11A-.04 - Availability Of Records (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 880-X-11A-.04. Availability Of Records

(1) The State Regulatory Authority shall make available to the Office of Surface Mining, upon request, copies of all documents relating to applications for and approvals of existing, new, or revised coal exploration approvals or surface coal mining and reclamation operations permits and all documents relating to inspection and enforcement actions.

(2) Except as provided in Rules 880-X-8C-.09 and 880-X-8K-.05 and Paragraph (3) of this Rule and Section 32 of the Act, copies of all records, reports, inspection materials, or information obtained by the State Regulatory Authority shall be made immediately available to the public in the area of mining so that they are conveniently available to residents of that area until at least five (5) years after expiration of the period during which the subject operation is active or is covered by any portion of a reclamation bond.

(3) In order to protect preparation for hearings and enforcement proceedings, the Director of the Office of Surface Mining, and the State Regulatory Authority may enter into agreements regarding procedures for the special handling of investigative and enforcement reports and other such materials.

Author: Randall C. Johnson

(May 20, 1982; Amended: November 14, 1989; effective: March 7, 1991.)

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, §§ 9-16-71, 73, 74, 75, 76, 79, 80, 87, 92, 93, 94.

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