Section 880-X-8M-.06 - Permit Revisions (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 880-X-8M-.06. Permit Revisions

(1) A revision to a permit shall be obtained --

(a) For changes in the surface coal mining or reclamation operations described in the original application and approved under the original permit, when such changes constitute a significant departure from the method of conduct of mining or reclamation operations contemplated by the original permit. The State Regulatory Authority shall provide parameters to determine what changes shall constitute significant departures as used herein.

(b) When required by an order issued under Rule 880-X-8M-.05;

(c) In order to continue operation after the cancellation or material reduction of the liability insurance policy, capability of self-insurance, performance bond, or other equivalent guarantee upon which the original permit was issued; or

(2) The application for revision shall be filed in accordance with the following:

(a) The permittee shall submit the application to the State Regulatory Authority within the time provided for by Rule 880-X-8B-.05(2)(c);

(b) The scale or extent of permit application information requirements and procedures, including notice and hearings, applicable to revision requests shall be as provided in the Act and these regulations. Any application for a revision which proposes significant alterations in the operations described in the materials submitted in the application for the original permit under Rules 880-X-8D, 880-X-8E, 880-X-8F, 880-X-8G, 880-X-8H, 880-X-8I, or 880-X-8J or in the conditions of the original permit, shall, at a minimum, be subject to the requirements of Rules 880-X-8K and 880-X-8L.

(3) The State Regulatory Authority shall approve or disapprove the complete application for revision, in accordance with the requirements of Rule 880-X-8K.

(4) Any extensions to the area covered by a permit, except for incidental boundary revisions, shall be made by application for a new permit and shall not be approved under this Rule.


Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, §§ 9-16-71, 9-16-73, 9-16-74, 9-16-75, 9-16-80, 9-16-81, 9-16-82, 9-16-83, 9-16-84, 9-16-85, 9-16-86, 9-16-88, 9-16-90, 9-16-91, 9-16-92, 9-16-93, 9-16-96.

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