Section 885-5-1-.02 - Brierfield Ironworks Historical State Park Fees (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 885-5-1-.02. Brierfield Ironworks Historical State Park Fees

The following fees are established for admission and use of facilities.


Adults $2.00

Children (6-11) & Seniors (62-) 1.00

Camping per night per family of four:

Improved - water and electricity 18.00

Each additional person 3.00

Primitive 10.00

Each additional person 2.50

*Seniors (62-) 15% discount. No discount on holiday weekends.

Group camping per person 3.00

Cabin rental per night per family of six:

Lightsey Cabin* (4 people) 70.00

Hubbard Cabin* (4 people) 70.00

*Additional person per night 5.00

Reservation cancellation fee 10.00


First night 185.00

Each additional night 125.00

Reservation cancellation fee 50.00

Country Church 250.00

Reservation cancellation fee 50.00

Picnic Pavilions:

Bridge and Stage 45.00

BBQ 55.00

Stephens per half 60.00

Reservation cancellation fee 10.00

Shooting Range (includes Stephens Pavilion)

First day 150.00

Each additional day 100.00

School programs per person 4.00

Swimming Pool:

Day-use 4.00

Individual membership 75.00

Family membership 175.00

Business membership 225.00

Pool Party (after hours) 60.00

Author: Martin Everse

(New Rule: Filed April 20, 1998; effective May 25, 1998. Amended: Filed January 24, 2001; effective February 28, 2001. Amended: Filed January 4, 2002; effective February 8, 2002. Amended: Filed March 4, 2003; effective April 8, 2003. Amended: Filed January 23, 2004; effective February 27, 2004.)

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, § 41-9-325.

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