Section 890-X-1-.02 - Rules Of Order (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 890-X-1-.02. Rules Of Order

(1) The teacher's representative will be allowed to argue first, followed by the board of education. The presentation of each party should be limited to thirty (30) minutes, a part of which may, at the option of the party, be reserved for rebuttal. Variances from the time prescriptions for oral argument may be granted by the commission at its discretion.

(2) A party's failure to appear before the commission on the date and at the time scheduled for the hearing will be considered a waiver of oral argument. Hearings may be rescheduled, with the consent of the chairman of the commission, upon the agreement of both parties to a continuance of the hearing.


(Effective August 6, 1981.)

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, § 16-24-35.

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