Section 892-2-1-.06 - Confidentiality Of Reports, Records, And Files (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 892-2-1-.06. Confidentiality Of Reports, Records, And Files

(1) Any request for information, request for proposal, or other document that contains confidential, trade secrets or proprietary commercial information must be conspicuously marked as containing confidential information. The burden is on the one asserting the trade secret to show that the information sought to be protected is not subject to public disclosure under Alabama law.

(2) The owner of any confidential information shall indemnify and hold the State of Alabama, Treasurer's Office, its agents, officers, and employees harmless from all costs or expenses, including but not limited to, attorney fees and expenses related to litigation concerning disclosure of said information and documents.

(3) Information on the Treasurer's Office unclaimed property database is not available for public purchase or preview. Public database information is available on the Treasurer's website.

(Adopted by Alabama Administrative Monthly Volume XXXIII, Issue No. 04, January 30, 2015, eff. February 3, 2015.)

Author: Ralph Ainsworth, Unclaimed Property Division, Office of State Treasurer

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, § 35-12-20, et seq.

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