Section 894-X-1-.03 - Rules For The Awarding Of Stonewall Jackson Memorial Fund Repayable Scholarships (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 894-X-1-.03. Rules For The Awarding Of Stonewall Jackson Memorial Fund Repayable Scholarships

(1) The Board of Trustees administers a yearly essay contest for Alabama high school seniors. The essay must be an original work of 1,500 - 2,500 words on a topic or issue that relates to the life of Stonewall Jackson. The Board of Trustees may establish a specific theme for a year's competition or may leave the choice to the applicant, at its discretion. A bibliography of sources must accompany the essay.

(2) Applicants must also submit an application form providing necessary personal information such as name, contact information, name and address of high school, and college they plan to attend.

(3) Students can obtain application forms from Alabama high school guidance counselors or directly from the program coordinator.

(4) Essays are judged and rated on the Historical Quality (80%) and Literary Quality (20%). Criteria considered in Historical Quality include historical accuracy, appropriate analysis and interpretation of topic, demonstrated understanding of historical context and perspective, and use of balanced and appropriate research sources as demonstrated in the annotated bibliography. Criteria considered in Literary Quality include originality, organization, grammar and spelling, and adherence to standard citation format.

(5) Essays are reviewed and rated by a Scholarship Evaluation Committee. The members of the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Fund Board of Trustees each appoint two members to the committee, and the Department of Archives and History coordinates the work of the committee.

(6) The Scholarship Evaluation Committee reviews, evaluates, and ranks essays and selects 1 st, 2 nd, and 3 rd place winners to receive scholarship awards of amounts determined by the Board of Trustees. The Committee may choose to make a reduced number of awards, or to make no awards at all, if the essays submitted in a given year are judged not to be of sufficient quality to merit a scholarship award.

(7) Winning students must verify acceptance or enrollment in college before scholarships are issued. Checks are payable directly to the institution of higher education.

(8) Recipients must sign a letter of agreement acknowledging their intention to repay the loan within five calendar years of graduation from college or termination of education.

(9) Upon graduation or termination of education, recipients are required to set up a repayment schedule.

(New Rule: Filed November 10, 2009; effective December 15, 2009.)

Author: Steve Murray, Assistant Director, Alabama Department of Archives and History

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, §§ 16-32-1, 16-32-2

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