Section 920-X-2-.02 - Appointment Of Personnel (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 920-X-2-.02. Appointment Of Personnel

(1) The state service commissioner shall, subject to the approval of the Board of Veterans Affairs, appoint qualified individuals who meet the requirements of §§ 31-5-8 and 31-5-9 to serve as assistant state service commissioners, district service commissioners, county service commissioners and assistant county service commissioners. Persons appointed to fill these positions shall be considered "at will," unclassified state employees and will serve at the pleasure of the state service commissioner subject to the review of the Board of Veterans Affairs.

(2) The state service commissioner also shall appoint all clerical and support staff personnel employed by the Department, to include the Department headquarters and all county offices located throughout the State of Alabama, as authorized and in accordance with the Rules of the Alabama Personnel Board and the requirements of the state merit system.

Author: Frank Wilkes

(Filed September 30, 2000. New Rule: Filed January 4, 2001; effective February 8, 2001.)

Statutory Authority:' Code of Ala. 1975, §§ 31-5-8, 31-5-9.

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