Chapter 930-X-1 - General Rules (Alabama Administrative Code)

Section 930-X-1-.01 Introduction Section 930-X-1-.02 Organization Section 930-X-1-.03 Applicability Of The Administrative Code Of The Board Section 930-X-1-.04 Current Information Required By The Board Section 930-X-1-.05 Forms Section 930-X-1-.06 Fees Section 930-X-1-.07 Applications For Licensing Section 930-X-1-.08 Inactive License/Temporary License Section 930-X-1-.09 Examinations Section 930-X-1-.10 Rules Of Professional Conduct/Grounds For Discipline Section 930-X-1-.11 Prescribing And Dispensing Drugs Section 930-X-1-.12 Continuing Education Requirements Section 930-X-1-.13 Controlled Substances Section 930-X-1-.14 License Renewal Section 930-X-1-.15 Types Of Discipline Section 930-X-1-.16 Disciplinary Proceedings Section 930-X-1-.17 Investigations Section 930-X-1-.18 Refusal of Complainant to Proceed, Compromise, Etc Section 930-X-1-.19 Matters Involving Related Pending Civil Or Criminal Litigation Section 930-X-1-.20 Filing And Service Of Formal Charges Section 930-X-1-.21 Subpoena Power, Witness And PreTrial Proceedings Section 930-X-1-.22 Revocation Of License By Consent Of Licensee Section 930-X-1-.23 Reciprocal Discipline Section 930-X-1-.24 Licensees Whose Licenses Have Been Suspended Or Revoked Section 930-X-1-.25 Reinstatement Section 930-X-1-.26 Proceedings In Which A Licensee Is Declared To Be Incompetent Or Is Alleged To Be Incapacitated Section 930-X-1-.27 Confidentiality Section 930-X-1-.28 Rule-Making Hearing Section 930-X-1-.29 Declaratory Rulings Section 930-X-1-.30 Procedure For Removal Of A Board Member Section 930-X-1-.31 Premises Permits Section 930-X-1-.31.01 Minimum Standards for Veterinary Facilities Section 930-X-1-.32 Minimum Standards for Mobile Premises Section 930-X-1-.33 Inactive License Section 930-X-1-.34 Alabama Veterinary Professionals Wellness Committee Section 930-X-1-.35 Certified Euthanasia Technicians (CET) For The Humane Euthanasia Of Animals Section 930-X-1-.36 Registered Animal Euthanasia facility (RAEF) For The Humane Euthanasia Of Animals Section 930-X-1-.37 Rules Of Professional Conduct For Licensed Veterinary Technicians/Grounds For Discipline Section 930-X-1-.38 Rules Of Professional Conduct For Certified Euthanasia Technicians/Grounds For Discipline

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